Friday, 19 August 2011

Beijing South Railway Station by Weston Williamson Architects

Having recently visited China [read about my trip], especially Beijing, I have learnt and witnessed that the architecture stems greatly from the history and culture of China [See my photography of Chinese architecture] and this design for the Beijing South Railway Station by Weston Williamson architects does just that, being inspired by the Chinese knot.

I love this idea and it works really well, hopefully the trains will also be red, so that the railway lines will be like the tassles coming off the chinese decorative knot!

"This is the largest station project in China. The design concept comes from the Chinese decorative knotted cross, an important cultural object. Its shape and colour have influenced every area of the design concept, maintaining an idea that is wholly cultural and wholly Chinese. 

From the original cultural concept, to the selective use of colours and the subtle borrowing of traditional Chinese architectural features such as up-turned eaves, this station building belongs to no other city but Beijing." Weston Williamson Architects

Check out more images below:

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