Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bad Teacher Film Review

Having seen the trailer to this film, I was quite interested to see how the film would play out, knowing Diaz's usual comedic characters, but was totally surprised by this one.

In Cameron Diaz's latest film 'Bad Teacher', she plays teacher Elizabeth Halsey who 'doesn't give an "F"' and lazes about waiting for a rich man to take care of her. When she meets rich substitute teacher Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), she goes all out trying to impress him. Seeing that his last girlfriend was well endowed, she aspires to get a boob job in order to catch his eye.

Hearing that the teacher with the best grades will get a bonus, she changes her attitude to teaching and strives to get that extra money for the boob job. However, she's not the only one who has her eye on Scott. Fellow teacher Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch) has won the bonus every year and after seeing Scott fall for Amy, Elizabeth goes to extreme lengths to win that money, and hopefully Scott.

To be very honest, I was surprised at how unnecessarily sleazy this movie was. The exposure of breasts and some of the language used was definitely over the top and didn't add much to the movie at all. However, these things aside, a simple, funny and outrageous plot unfolds, with some "nice" messages buried within it too.

In this way, I was somewhat confused at what messages the producers were trying to throw at the audience, given the character of Elizabeth Halsey and the actions she does is truely immoral, but yet she lives to see the next day and is portrayed to be the "good" character, also undeniably likeable too. 

Typical rom com undertones also lie within the movie as Elizabeth has to choose between the rich guy she's pursuing and the gym teacher (Jason Segel) who's pursuing her. This love arc is also cleverly reflected into her students, as a chubby nerdy kid crushes on a popular girl.

Humour-wise, there are a few scenes that do make you chuckle, especially by the neurotically aggressive teacher Amy, who cannot stand to see Elizabeth win, rightfully accusing her of everything she does, yet gets punished for her alertness and loyalty to the school and her teaching. How ironic.

Which brings me nicely onto the ending which rounds up the film beautifully in concluding the characters' storylines. Whilst I do still feel sorry for Amy, she is dealt with in a peaceful and "happy" way, as is Elizabeth, leaving audiences satisfied.

Cameron Diaz- Elizabeth Halsey
Lucy Punch- Amy Squirrel
Jason Segel- Russell Gettis
Justin Timberlake- Scott Delacorte

Cameron Diaz does what she does best- being blonde and funny. Here she doessn't do anything different, except being slightly more evil, manipulative and immoral in her ways. However, despite all the questionable things she does, you really can't help but like her and her character!

However, I thought Lucy Punch really shined out as being the neurotic teacher, feeling slightly sorry for her having to endure some of the things she does, but still, she created quite a lot of the funny scenes.

Justin Timberlake on the otherhand seemed to have forgotten he is supposed to be an actor and just walked on set as a fickle human being; he should stick to just looking pretty on posters (surprised he wasn't asked to take his top off for this). Jason Segel, on the other hand, was funny and given a lot more room to showcase his comedic ability, resulting in him outshining fellow actor JT.
The film is a straightforward, simple and effective comedy, showcasing Diaz at her best (though it is pretty much a one man show), yet it seems confused with the messages it is trying to present and along with the added (unecessary) sleaziness, makes 'Bad Teacher' a hit and miss film which some will love, whilst some will hate.


  1. I think the message of the story is that nobody is a predictable or perfect person, that everyone has got shades of grey to them :P but also I agree there was a lot of sleaze in it. On the whole I enjoyed the film though

  2. I did enjoy it- though would've liked it more without the sleaze!

  3. But really I sided with Elizabeth simply because Amy was such an annoying person :P

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