Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Amazing Spider Man Film Trailer Preview

The trailer for the new Spider Man reboot starring Andrew Garfield was recently released. This time, Peter is bitten by a Spider at some sort of institution where his love interest Gwen (Emma Stone) appears to work.

The death of his parents appears to be a major personal obstacle; the film seems to deal with his struggle between this crisis and his new found powers. 

In this way, this first movie perhaps is more personal and focusses on who Spider Man is underneath the mask and becomes more about self discovery. 

Shot in 3D, I am excited to see the film, though from the last 20 secs or so, as they show Spider Man swinging through the rooftops, it felt a bit too much like a video game. That said, the closing line "We all have secrets, the ones we keep ... and the ones that are kept from us" make it very mysterious.

The film is out Summer 2012, near when The Dark Knight Rises is released. Watch the trailer below:

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