Friday, 1 July 2011

Back from Barcelona


Just got back from Barcelona with my friends which was amazing and now super tired but will blog about it now instead of when I get back from China so I don't forget anything!

After a seemingly endless two hour flight full of drunk stag/hen partygoers (worst flight experience EVER) we finally arrived in Barcelona.

Day 1- La Ramblas, Sea front, Magic Fountain
The first day of our trip consisted of some easy going roaming of the streets of Barcelona hunting for Gaudi and interesting architecture before lunch of Seafood Paella and tapas. Thankfully this restaurant provided "agua del griffo" aka tap water unlike others which we'll soon find to be extremely aggravating.

At night, we went to see the Fountain of Montjuic, coincidentally running into Barcelona Gay Pride (which was grounds for some hilarious bitchiness), which was really impressive (fountain not the parade) although the ending was slightly anticlimatic.

Day 2- Sagrada Familia, Park Guell
We were up early for another day of Gaudi, exploring the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. The street busker dressed as a baby was extremely irritating- a certain one of my maths teachers would make a far better replacement- atleast he's got chubby cheeks which makes you want to squeeze them :P

Sagrada Familia was far more impressive compared to the last time I visited (when I was really young) and the inside was full of scaffolding. The views from the stop were great and it was fun walking down all the staircases.

Dinner at 'Bar Fashion' was hilarious with the woman claiming that tap water is 'bad' and 'not good'- and the pizza was uber greasy...

Day 3- Barcelona Zoo, Gothic Quarter, Tibidabo
The animals in Barcelona Zoo were all very active and seemed to like being watched/photographed, with swinging monkey, curious ostrich, peacock show-off, kissing orangutan, the impressive dolphin show etc

Not really sure what the gothic quarter was as we just made our way towards the Ramblas... but we saw a Cathedral which pleased MT greatly. 

Attempted to go to Tibidabo in the evening only to find that the cable car was closed, which NOONE told us about despite asking quite a few people for directions so instead started our 'six hour' trek up the mountain, encountered a wild boar and then gave up after seeing how far we were from our destination.

Dinner was great but Me + Mohitos = not good.

Day 4+5 - Port Aventura
Went to Port Aventura for the last two days which was really exhilerating despite getting odd glares from little girls to old men thankfully just for my wearing of my Hello Kitty t-shirt and for nothing else... though old men in Spain did seem to like staring a lot. 0__0

Really liked Dragon Khan (prob fav ride) and Stampeda. The second time on Furius Baco really hurt my neck :/ and for some reason I'm always the drenched one on the rapids... 

Had dinner at our 'favourite' Bar C-Tis, the woman did not know any English nor had a menu, hence we had the people sitting next to us order our food which turned out to be a nice array of tapas :D

There are some quite interesting people in Spain though, like 'Mila Kunis' girl on train to PA, 'petites gateaux girl' at PA, Spanish woman who warned us about something around the corner, hostel receptionist 'Dheemal'... 

Day 6- Bye Bye Barcelona!
Much better return journey back with 3 hours of MD and cards in airport and the most hilarious encounter of all on the way back by bus. Let's just say someone needs to 'not make mistakes' and to 'inform themself'!

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