Thursday, 7 July 2011

A2 Art Project: Exploration and Discovery [of Identity]


My exam project is titled Exploration and Discovery, my focus being on identity, whilst being influenced by media and literature, particularly Black Swan (mirrorwork, eyes, hands), Never Let Me Go (discovery of self) and even Alice in Wonderland /Avatar (seeing the world through a new lens/perspective). 

These influences led my initial observations, as I looked at eyes and hands; the meanings subtle movements and gestures may represent and how they can convey emotion, character and even language.


As I developed my drawings and experimented with distortion through mirrorwork (much like the facial distortions found in Black Swan), I looked at several mirror artists, including Anish Kapoor, mirror photographer Francisco Infante Arana and even referenced Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle advert starring Keira Knightley, the vertical distortions clearly inspired from this.

Taking distortions in a less linear way led me to look at the work of Lucas Simoes and how he treats his photography, by burning, by cutting out and his reliefs are extremely dynamic and mysterious, which inspired me to create similar distortions using fashion magazines.

[My Lucas Simoes transcription]


Having created a series of different mirror effects, I reflected my drawings and photos again and again using these surfaces to create dynamic and intricate distorted results which resemble crystalline lattice/diamonds, symbolising a fracture much like the mental breakdown experienced by Nina in the film Black Swan. 

This is the direction in which I wanted to go, so took the most dynamic shapes and transferred them onto a 3D layer which I built up using mirror as my final piece.


Instead of having just a plain raised surface, I wanted my relief to have some sort of form, the one that stood out the most throughout the project and was the most significant was the eye. The fracture of the eye I referenced the Big Brother Eye by Daniel Eatock, as it was like shattered glass which is a direct link to my breaking of such forms.

The final piece is beautiful in that anyone looking into it has their face distorted, allowing you to discover something new about yourself, the angled mirror allows you to see yourself in a way never seen before, and the interaction between the viewer and the artwork is what this whole project is about.


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