Monday, 25 July 2011

Cute Animals: Baby Ostriches

I was surprised to find that baby ostriches were SO cute! I had no idea what they looked like and upon Googling them, discovered that they're actually pretty awesome! Ostriches are really curious animals (like the one from Barcelona Zoo that just kept looking at us).

Ostriches are also famed for being the fasted land bird and lays the largest eggs.

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Cute Animals: Baby Giraffes


Giraffes are another really beautiful animal because of their patterned skin/hide/fur (lol) and are native to Africa. I like how the young are just like miniature versions of the adults (perspective XD).

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Cute Animals: Baby Zebra


One of the most beautiful animals is the zebra with its striking pattern, each one has a unique stripe pattern! They live in herds and can often be seen in those animal docs being chased by lions. :P There are three species of zebra, two of which are theatened/endangered !

I was lucky to see them when I went to Woburn Safari Park- and they were even more beautiful in real life.

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

A2 Art Project: Exploration and Discovery [of Identity]


My exam project is titled Exploration and Discovery, my focus being on identity, whilst being influenced by media and literature, particularly Black Swan (mirrorwork, eyes, hands), Never Let Me Go (discovery of self) and even Alice in Wonderland /Avatar (seeing the world through a new lens/perspective). 

These influences led my initial observations, as I looked at eyes and hands; the meanings subtle movements and gestures may represent and how they can convey emotion, character and even language.


A2 Level Art Project: Flora


So today is the day of my art exhibition but as I unfortunately cannot go, will not be able to bring you pictures of the exhibition so instead have uploaded select pieces of my work to share with you. This is my first project, focussing on flora and organic forms.

The diverse plant life on Earth is the result of their successful reproductive mechanisms, evolving from algae to the complex trees and flowering plants we see today. As Humans, our deep relationship to plants stem from our dependency on fruits and vegetables as food; cotton and reeds for materials, and herbs for medicine. Our exploitation of plants does not end with our survival needs, with flora being a central part of Human society, culture and tradition. In Western culture, flowers had symbolic meanings, based on their appearance and colour, for example, red roses represent passion and romantic love. The variation in shape, colour and size of flora makes them visually attractive to us. In this project, I aim to explore the physical form of flora and the properties they possess which make them so alluring.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Cute Animals: Baby Elephants


For the first week of July, the cute animal of the week is cute baby elephants. Elephants are extremely playful and clever animals, which led to their use for transport and entertainment in circuses- See Disney's Dumbo! 

There are many species of elephant, some of which are endangered due to hunting of ivory. Let's stop the exploitation of elephants in any way- just see how cute they are!

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Friday, 1 July 2011

Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, Barcelona

So one of the most picturesque locations on my trip to Spain was the Sagrada Familia and was the perfect place to conduct some photography. Although incomplete, I loved the interior, especially the columns and there were great windows for taking photographs through to create obstructions.

I wasn't soo keen on the new parts of the construction (exterior-wise), though I'm happy they're doing it to finish what Gaudi started and I'm sure the finished outcome is going to be breathtaking.

The Sagrada Familia is scheduled to complete in 2026, so maybe I'll be back then to revisit it!

Check out some of the best shots below:


Back from Barcelona


Just got back from Barcelona with my friends which was amazing and now super tired but will blog about it now instead of when I get back from China so I don't forget anything!

After a seemingly endless two hour flight full of drunk stag/hen partygoers (worst flight experience EVER) we finally arrived in Barcelona.

Day 1- La Ramblas, Sea front, Magic Fountain
The first day of our trip consisted of some easy going roaming of the streets of Barcelona hunting for Gaudi and interesting architecture before lunch of Seafood Paella and tapas. Thankfully this restaurant provided "agua del griffo" aka tap water unlike others which we'll soon find to be extremely aggravating.

At night, we went to see the Fountain of Montjuic, coincidentally running into Barcelona Gay Pride (which was grounds for some hilarious bitchiness), which was really impressive (fountain not the parade) although the ending was slightly anticlimatic.


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