Monday, 6 June 2011

'An Introduction to Roxanne Emery'- Roxanne Emery EP Album Review

Having discovered Roxanne Emery's music through her ad on Facebook, and loved her promo track 'Cold Heart', I have been following the progression of her work and we finally have her first debut EP, 'An Introduction to Roxanne Emery', with a full release album hopefully out by the end of the year.

The album cover to Roxanne's first release is beautiful- what she's wearing is so dynamic and intricate there is something very "fairytale" to it, added to the graphics of her name which includes a butterfly as the 'x'.

Her first EP contains five tracks:

1. Turn Back 5/5
The piano intro grabs you instantly, leading to a soft verse but an explosive and catchy chorus. The words of the song are meaningful and many will be able to relate to the heartbreak and feelings that are expressed in this song.

2. Real 5/5
I have actually already listened to this for about a week or so as this was her lead single which came out November last year, and undoubtedly this is one of the best tracks on this album. The whole song is so well paced and it takes you through a musical journey. The lyrics of the song are also very well written and the emotion is conveyed in a genuine way.

3. The Fall 5/5
Another beautifully written song which I fell in love in when I first heard the sample and the best bit about this song is the ending when she goes: "this is the fall, fall fall, and who will catch you?" Whilst this isn't as catchy as the previous two tracks, there is an emotion in this song which she shows.

4. Real (Acoustic) 4.5/5
The acoustic version of 'Real' gives us something substantially different to the more produced version which allows them to give different effects. I like the raw sound in this track, though I would prefer to have a brand new track :P

5. Rebel Rose (Acoustic) 4.5/5
'Rebel Rose', like 'The Fall', is another softer track which gives this EP variation. I really like the quirky lyrics as well. Being the last track on album, there is a slight melanchonic feel this track leaves you, but makes you yearn for more.

Roxanne Emery's first debut EP shows she has a great ability at songwriting, but even more so what a great voice she has. The inclusion of acoustic tracks gives it a raw edge and I'd love to see her live! This EP will surely be on my playlist for a long time. Bring on the full album!!

Check out an official preview to the album with a short interview with Roxanne below:

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