Saturday, 18 June 2011

Love Bites Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The first story in this episode is titled 'Goodbye Boob' where Judd's colleague Dan from his tattoo parlour likes a girl Alex who invited him to a party, but little did he know, she has breast cancer and it was a 'Goodbye boob' party. 

Anyway, it was an average story, though Dan was more likeable towards the end of the segment. I did however learn two things from this story, one, 'goodbye boob' parties exist and two, there is someone in the world who could have hair like Dan's.

The second story titled 'Ninja Vanish' is superb- a little ghetto- but still, it was pretty decent. Ricky likes to perform what he calls the 'Ninja Vanish' on women- deleting his number on their mobile at night and vanishes before moving onto the next woman, until he met his match. Unable to delete Angie's phone number at night, he tries again in the morning, but little did he know Angie had something up her sleeve, the Houdini ink trick. 

Realising he no longer has her number, he tracks her down only to be told what a douche he is. Good on her!

The final story brings us back to the long awaited Annie (Becki Newton), called 'Cutlets', and Michelle Trachtenburg guest stars again (YESS) though she is more of a side character in this ep, but still she is SOO hilarious. Anyway Annie is set up on a blind date by her sister with a guy called Matt. Annie arrives and accidentally meets the wrong Matt (Matt Long).

The real Matt she was supposed to go out with turns out to be obsessed with her pregnancy and the other Matt helps her escape. This was by far the most uplifting of the three stories and Becki Newton does such a good job at being charismatic- she is truly the reason to watch this show!

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