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Love Bites Season 1 Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Now that the Summer is approaching, almost all the regular 'big shows' have finished, leaving me with little or no TV to watch, until I found this.

'Love Bites' is a new series by NBC and I'm only watching it because Becki Newton (Amanda from Ugly Betty) stars in  it. The show features different stories and, is about love and relationships through the three recurring cast: Annie (Becki Newton), Judd (Greg Grunburg, from Heroes) and Coleen (Constance Zimmer). 


In the first episode, Annie's friend Cassie (Krysten Ritter, Confessions of a Shoppaholic, 27 dresses) lies about being a virgin to get a guy, as Annie is pregnant (Becki is pregnant in real life so they had to incoporate this into the plot) and she is always getting male attention. The guy treats her amazingly and when she tells him the truth, finds out he lied to her too about being a writer. He tells her guys have to treat her friend Annie nicely because she's pregnant and that she's the wingman... keep reading...

Krysten Ritter is one of those girls, like Zooey Deschanel that you just like but they're almost always the friend; she says some funny things in the ep, like about her eyes popping out or something.

Judd's friend Carter (Kyle Howard, My Boys) lost his job and comes home to find his fiancee enjoying a gift she received from her bachelorette party and feels like he has to compete with a machine.

Judd boards a plane to go on a fishing trip with Carter before he gets married, only to by chance board the same flight as Jennifer Love Hewitt, she being one of the celebrities on 'his list'. Being given every opportunity, does he go for it and 'cheat' yet 'not cheat' on his wife? 

The different issues raised in these 'mini stories' are interesting and quite hilarious. Becki Newton is every bit like Amanda from Ugly Betty and just plays a different role- still as sublime. The stories resolve themselves at the end of each episode which in some ways is good, but may suffer from being unable to lure regular viewers- as each episode is stand-alone.

Whilst episode one was light hearted and fun, with a few laughs here and there, episode two is far more hilarious, well to begin with.

The episode begins with Annie's friend Jodie (Michelle Trachtenburg, Georgina from Gossip Girl- she is so amazing here as well) who bakes bananabread for his boyfriend but he thinks she's needy and wants to be in a commited relationship so breaks up with her and tells her they should just be friends.

Taking advantage of this (like Georgina would), she makes him watch girly movies with her and brush her hair, as a friend would. But two can play at this game and he soon retaliates and asks her to do things too.

Annie says something at one point which was hilarious. She goes "Yesterday, I saw a big bottle of olive oil next to a little bottle and I just burst into tears (teary) it's like a momma and baby olive oil!" to which Jodie responds in a Georgina-esque psychotic way (deep voice): "If you start crying, we lose".

Anyway, he attempts to beat her by taking her to a strip club and buying her a lap dance but she totally wins the game (Go Georgina) by enjoying it and taking the time to know the dancer. Anyway, the two were honest with each other and work past it...

The second story of the second episode which was less humorous but I guess appeals to a wider audience is when Judd's neighbour Kyle is visited by his parents to meet his boyfriend and it deals with his parents' acceptance of his relationship with Drew etc. 

Titled 'Eyegasm', the last segment was about Judd and his wife sharing about their fantasies after this TV guy tells them to spice up their love lives, which leads to conflict, which gets resolved at the end.. 

I liked how in the second ep, it sums up the stories in the ep, with Jodie brushes that guys hair as they watch a horror movie and at the end, Annie bakes banana bread as her baby kicks...

It is an interesting show so far and I mainly like it for Becki Newton and the good guest stars (hope they bring some really funny people into it). Read that Christopher Gorham (Henry from Ugly Betty) will be guest starring too- Ugly Betty reunion haha!

There are also some great writers here putting in good pop culture references such as Friends, Britney Spears, Twitter... can't wait to see what else they throw in.

However, the episodes are far too broken down and at points I just wanted to skip the whole 'short story' because it didn't interest me. Also, not so fond on Judd's storylines, though he seems to be the main character with 2/3 of the stories per ep. :/ I WANT MORE BECKI!!

There are 9 episodes scheduled for this season, so I'll stick with it and see what happens... 

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