Thursday, 23 June 2011

House in Three Acts by Xlab

'House in Three Acts' is a project by Xlab and the idea is truly fascinating with stunning results. The complexity of the forms and the way it's put together in stages is really interesting. For some reason, when I look at the images, maybe it's the colours or shapes, I keep thinking of 'The Shire' from Lord of the Rings.. :S 

Via Evolo:
PHASE 1: Three cellular systems were developed to drive the tectonics of the house, beginning with a truss system that also defined its park-like circulation. Secondly, we framed the house by a structural cage that had minimal point of contact to the ground, allowing for the enclosure cell to negotiate between the natural and artificial landscape.

PHASE 2: In dealing with the separation, the house mutates in section, dividing the program of the house into two distinct areas, splitting each personal space above and keeping the shares space below.

PHASE 3: The earthquake creates a drastic change in elevation, causing the structural members to mutate vertically in order to re-stabilize the house in its final evolution.

Check out the video and see the rest of the images after the jump:
HOUSE 3X from Wilson Wu on Vimeo.

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