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'Andy Grammer'- Andy Grammer Album Review

I first heard about Andy Grammer from a Taylor Swift tweet (if she likes it, I guess I would too) and was hooked to 'Miss Me' from his EP and now that his album is out, I have to say this is an upcoming artist to watch out for!

The simplistic album cover carries throughout the album art which I love. The colours, the props, whilst it is simple, it works effectively and is fun and upbeat, much like the whole of this album!
The album contains 11 tracks, some of which were released as an EP before the full album release:
1. Keep Your Head Up 4/5
The first track on the album and the lead single 'Keep Your Head Up' is a Michael Buble infused 'feel good' song which is insanely catchy. Whilst I find the lyrics a tad cheesy, I'm sure it is a personal song to Andy given his background and how everything is finally turning out right for him.

2. Fine by Me 4/5
Another catchy track with a very similar sound to 'Keep Your Head Up', 'Fine by Me' is perhaps eclipsed by the first track, though it is really strong in itself, perhaps lacking variation being so close to the opening track. Still, I actually like this more than 'Keep Your Head Up'.
3. Slow 5/5
This beginning of this song grabs you instantly, well me, anyway, and it is so addictive. It has a different sound to the others due to it's Maroon 5 feel, he sounds somewhat like Adam Levine here. I really like this song and it's one of those you can't stop listening to. Favourite track so far!

4. You Should Know Better 4.5/5
Without much of an intro, we are launched straight into the song and it's just catchy track after catchy track so far! 'You should know better' has some good lyrics in a super addictive chorus.

5. Lunatic 3.5/5
Another 'feel good' track with some fun lyrics but doesn't jump out at me like the other tracks have done, but "crazy would be to leave this behind".
6. Miss Me 5/5
My favourite track off the EP before the album release- whilst the verse is rather soft, it leads into a super explosive chorus which you can just blast anywhere. This song is one of the songs that showcases his vocal talent amazingly.

7. The Pocket 3.5/5
Having a more acoustic sound, 'The Pocket' is one of the most quirky lyricked song with an upbeat sound. However, the chorus is slightly anti-climatic given the so very interesting verses. This is a track you need to listen to carefully quite a few times and then you'll perhaps get hooked.
8. Ladies 4/5
A very meaningful song that artists nowadays don't even try to write or sing about. Whilst I don't really like this that much as a song, the lyrics are really good and I'm sure the ladies will like it.
9. Love Love Love 3.5/5
This is probably the slowest track on the album and it's still quite speedy. Perhaps being placed so late on the album, it sounds a bit repetitive now, but it is still a strong track.

10. Build Me a Girl 4/5
The softest track on the album gives the album much needed variation and it has some interesting lyrics and some upbeat sounds that I'm sure after a few listens I could get hooked onto.

11. Biggest Man in LA 4.5/5
The song is about Andy's busking days on the streets on LA and it is filled with imagery and is perhaps the most personal song to him. It is a beautiful finish to the album and reminds us how his dream has come true and leaves a hopeful and upbeat vibe.
SONGS TO LOVE: Slow, You should know bettter, Miss Me

Andy Grammer's debut album features almost all catchy and upbeat tracks he wrote himself, about romance, relationships and personal feelings and experiences. Compared to Michael Buble and Daniel Powter, Grammer has a raw voice which sounds great both on studio albums and live.
The tracks on the album are mostly empowering, 'feel good' and makes a really good Summer album. The only thing missing I feel are a few slower tracks, but apart from that, the album is pretty solid. I like all the tracks, though some more than others (favourite is 'Slow').

The album is out NOW, so go grab it!

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