Sunday, 19 June 2011

Addicted to... Theme Hospital PC Game

Amidst all the revision I'm doing, I've just finished Theme Hospital- completed the Chinese version years ago when I was younger but now got the English version and enjoyed it once more... and since the last time I played, my organisation skills have definitely improved!

Theme Hospital involves you managing a hospital, largely requires you to build the rooms in a functional layout as well as hiring competent staff that won't kill your patients (some are totally unreliable, slow and absolute psychos)! 

There are ten levels overall to conquer, each one growing in complexity (more funny diseases and crazy machinery) with different challenges. Some will require you to build in a small space, others a lack of money. In one, there is a limited amount of good doctors and so on.


The best thing about Theme Hospital is the humour, in the form of these wacky diseases (slack tongue, bloated heads to name a few)... there is something so funny about when your hospital goes wrong, people start dying (hello grim reaper) and so on... This is just such a classic game you can play over and over! LOVE IT!

Nurse to ward!!

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