Monday, 23 May 2011

Taylor Swift wins at the Billboard Music Awards 2011

Taylor Swift wins three awards at last night's Billboard Music awards for Top Billboard 200 artist, Top Country artist and Top Country album. I love Speak Now, so it was well deserved! I thought she would win Top Billboard 200 artist as well given the album did so well on the #1 spot, but it was tough competition and Eminem won for Recovery 2.0. 

Rihanna and Lady Gaga both took home three as well, the overall winners being Justin Bieber and Eminem, each getting six awards. 

Taylor Swift wore an Elie Saab gown (all her dresses are starting to look the same now, but she's looks gorgeous in nude/beige...), whilst Rihanna looked stylish in white. 

Rihanna and Britney performed S&M (from Rihanna's album Loud) in raunchy outfits and ended with a fun pillow fight, with Britney being smooched by Rihanna (on the cheek :D) reminiscent of the Britney-Madonna MTV smooch.

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