Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Taylor Swift 'The Story Of Us' Official Music Video

Since winning 3 Billboard awards on Sunday, Taylor Swift has released the video to 'The Story of Us', though only recently released the music video for 'Mean' (we're so lucky!)- I love this song- it's more upbeat and edges towards dance/pop, and love the lyrics which work so well for this video.

In it, Taylor Swift encounters an ex in the library, someone she was very much in love with then after they broke up it becomes awkward - with lyrics going:

How'd we end up this way?
See me nervously pulling at my clothes
And trying to look busy
And you're doing your best to avoid me...

There is a simplicity to this video having it shot in a library, the colours are beautiful and so is Taylor Swift, especially with her hair messed up near the beginning. I loved her in those chunky glasses :D She is also becoming quite the actress with her really animated looks for example when she's fixing her hair after messing it up. 

I wasn't sure who some of the people in the library were who were randomly in the shots but they look a bit like her bandmates? :S 

The ending was also spectacular as it isn't something you'd expect and it's just so cute and funny- and VERY appropriate for the song. I am very happy with this video it seems to have the same colours as 'Back to December' so I hope they continue the videos like this! Though if 'Haunted' ever becomes a single (DYING FOR IT TO) then I'd love for it to be really dark and mysterious and she can shoot it in a castle!

Anyway, check out the music video below and let me know what you think!

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  1. who's the guy in here video the guy with glasses?


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