Saturday, 7 May 2011

Taylor Swift 'Mean' Official Music Video

Taylor Swift's latest video for single 'Mean' recreates her performance at the ACM Awards (same set and costume) whilst adding new scenes. The anti-bully video is reminescent of P!nk's 'Perfect' and Katy Perry's 'Firework', empowering fans to stand up and take control of their destiny and not to be held back by bullying.

I loved the expressions on Taylor's face as she sings the lines in the bridge "You're a liar, you're pathetic" and in the final chorus "Some Day I'll be big enough so you can't hurt me". 

I thought she looked stunning throughout, especially in the scene where she's tied up. 

The next music video (already filmed) is for 'The Story of Us' which I'm extremely excited for as the song is a great development of her sound. I just hope she also releases 'Haunted' as a single, because that has some pretty dark sounds which would make a great dark haunting video of her in a castle...

Anyway, check out the music video below:

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