Thursday, 26 May 2011

Insidious Film Review

Went to see this impulsively yesterday, this being my officially my first 'horror'/'scary' movie at the cinema... having seen the trailer I thought this would be another typical 'Paranormal Activity' style movie (there are quite a lot fo similarities eg the baby monitor.../baby crib shots) but this movie moved into a rather strange and shocking direction for the ending which was a surprise.

Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) move into a new house with their two boys and baby girl. The day after a ladder accident, their oldest son Dalton does not wake up and supposedly entered into a coma, with mysterious occurances causing Renai to be extremely disturbed. 

Deciding the house is haunted, Josh and Renai move once again but the strange sightings have not stopped. Josh's mother (Barbara Hershey) suggests calling an old friend Elise (Lin Shaye) about the paranormal sightings. Elise tells them that 'the house isn't haunted. It's your son that's haunted'. Following Elise's instructions, the family tries to contact their son and bring him back from the spiritual realm at all costs...


The beginning of the movie follows a pretty typical start up in which mysterious sightings and sounds are heard which they dismiss as pure hallucination until they get weirder and weirder and an actual physical/spiritual figure floats into your bedroom from the balcony! The jumpy bits were rather predictable, though nonetheless made me jump. You know when they're looking through special coloured UV glasses that at one of the clicks they WILL see something. = =

The most evil spirit of all also looked rather strange as it instantly reminded me of Darth Maul from Star Wars... which was pretty funny.

I'm glad that this movie explains what is causing these disturbances, even though their claims are pretty farfetched, if I took everything they said to be true, it would make sense to some extent. That said, the movie took a pretty surreal turn as they try to rescue their son from the shadow realm called 'the further'... I thought it was extremely hilarious and somewhat comedic opposed to scary in that part of the movie and was just waiting for the resolve. Of course, they threw a few more scares right at the end to shock you, though by then I just want to know what happens!

Like with almost all horror movies, the ending is left pretty wide open for a sequel, and this is no different. I predicted something like this would happen (I won't say what) in order for there to be continuation but this was pretty hilarious and I would like to see what they do to this if there were to be a sequel.

Patrick Wilson- Josh
Rose Byrne- Renai
Ty Simpkins- Dalton

Also stars Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey (Nina's mother in Black Swan) and Andrew Astor. 

I thought Rose Byrne did a good job being the disturbed mother in the movie. At one point I thought the film would take the turn that she was mentally ill and everything was her hallucination/imagination... though glad it wasn't like that. Patrick Wilson did much better in the second half as he has more of a role to play towards the end.
I also liked Barbara Hershey- there is something about her that makes her good at these creepy roles...

Insidious isn't the most groundbreaking horror film out there but it does fine to give you a few jumps. The movie does take a rather strange turn which may make you laugh but overall the film is solid. The ending leaves it open for a sequel if they make enough money at the box office- I'd definitely like to know how they'd carry this on given what happens at the very very end...

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