Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hannah Jones ANTM Portfolio (America's Next Top Model Cycle 16)

I am so proud of Hannah for getting to the top three! Hannah is so versatile- definitely one of the strongest in the competition, with stunning picture after stunning picture, showing that her girl next door archetype and her bubbly personality can also translate into high fashion with a consistent and strong portfolio.

She is fantastic!! No doubt she will do well in the fashion industry given her portfolio and h
er ability to transform her commercial appearance in a high fashion picture is incredible.  She did really well in the episode when she got eliminated- so well I thought she deserved to stay. Whilst her walk isn't perfect, she makes a great print model. She will definitely go far so I wish her all the best and can't wait to see her work!

Check out the rest of her ANTM portfolio:


  1. Great editorial on our lovely Hannah. All her friends adored her before this but are now watching her career with great anticipation and interest. Love to her and her beautiful family.


  2. so disappointed when she was booted out....


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