Thursday, 12 May 2011

Eurovision 2011 Second Semi Final

I will be live blogging tonight's Eurovision Second Semi Final... I am already in love with Azerbaijan's entry (Running Scared by Ell & Nikki) from Tuesday's Eurovision Semi Final, so will any of tonight's acts beat them to become my favourite act this year?

Another 19 acts will be battling it out for a place in Saturday's final. Only ten will make it through! I will be blogging as the acts perform tonight so here's what I think:

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Not a good start to this second Eurovision. They have a good vibe but that song is just boring. Next Please.
2. Austria
An alright song but her voice was a bit strained. The graphics were nice behind her which matched her outfit. :D
3. Netherlands
Rather bored of this performance as well... Another dull start to the semi final it's starting to remind me of Tuesday's where the first acts were really unimpressive... nothing to comment at all on here... atleast their dress sense is right.

4. Belgium
NO. Where did this group of people come from?  It's so messy they are such a random group... pffft . NEXT.

5. Slovakia*
Finally something worthwhile... a bit cliched wearing white flowy dresses and being pretty, but it was enjoyable and they weren't half bad. If only their voices were stronger as well...
6. Ukraine*
I really like her outfit and the sand art drawing thing was pretty cool (Winner of Ukraine's got talent!! I was thinking why it seemed familiar), if a bit distracting. I thought it was a very entertaining act overall- her voice is great but the song doesn't allow her to showcase it to the best potential.

7. Moldova
Their hats are ridiculous. The song is unimpressive. I hope they don't get through. Nothing can save this act. I'd laugh if their hats fell off though.
8. Sweden
What is this song about? "I want to be popular"? Go back to high school and sing that. BYE BYE SWEDEN. WAIT. He gets trapped in a glass box and smashes it- that adds entertainment value but this is a song contest. OUT!!!
9. Cyprus
This act didn't really impress me but I do love that they made use of the other stages with the woman with the swinging ball. Don't really like the song though.Their body bending with the backing design was only mildly entertaining.

10. Bulgaria*
I like her styling, the hair with that fluid thing looks really good. She has a strong voice though I have no idea what she's singing about. :P

11. FYR Macedonia
A bit too shouty and he looks a bit scary. Don't like it. :P
12. Israel
I'll admit the operation which turned her from a man into a woman was successful- it's very convincing but his/her voice cannot be changed. It's not strong enough as a female voice... = = Not here for this.
13. Slovenia
She has a great voice but the performance is a tad boring. Scott Mills got it right. She portrays a very Christina Aguilera vibe. Some of those moves I swear were stolen from movie 'Burlesque', maybe even the outfit.

14. Romania
He has a scary smily face... sex face? Upbeat and catchy but not really good enough for final I don't think!
15. Estonia
Entertaining performance, upbeat but her voice doesn't seem strong enough for this song? It's a fun performance though... a part of me likes it... :P
16. Belarus
With a song like 'I love Belarus' it's really asking for ridicule. A song like this could NEVER win. -_- I don't understand the outfits of her backing dancers... what is with those black lines? It's really weird....
17. Latvia
With such a beautiful song name 'Angel in Disguise' I really expected this to be so much more. Boring performance, lacklustre vocals, sorry but go back home.

18. Denmark*
Good song, good image. I like them! Wait, what is with the guy's backless top? That is really strange LOOOL!! But I like the performance :D Hope they get through!

19. Ireland*
I want them to get through just for jokes. They can't sing but they make good entertainment haha... :D Fingers crossed.They couldn't really hit the high notes but it was entertaining- their shoulder pad things were really distracting and i wish one of them would just fall off. Their dance was also uncoordinated and a bit messy haha. !!

*Acts I want to go through to the final (Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland) 

The following ten acts made it through to the final:
1. Estonia
2. Romania
3. Moldova
5. Bosnia & Herzegovina
7. Austria
9. Slovenia
10. Sweden

Only three of the five I liked this time got through! :( BOO Bye Bulgaria and Slovakia. I would say my favourite this semi final is Denmark, but overall favourite is Azerbaijan!!!

I will be blogging on Saturday's final too! CANNOT WAIT!!!

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