Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Eurovision 2011 First Semi Final

I will be live blogging for tonight's Eurovision First Semi Final... to see which of the 19 acts will make it through to Saturday's final.

It's EUROVISION TIME!!! 19 acts will be battling it out for a place in Saturday's final. Only ten will make it through! I will be blogging as the acts perform tonight so here's what I think:

1. Poland
The first thing to notice about Poland's act is that she looks like a dark haired Danni Minogue! Her performance was pretty average- really nothing special. I don't think she will get through.
2. Norway
I watched the Norweigen national selection only to be disappointed that this Mwango woman gets through with Haba haba (Shakira's Waka Waka ripoff?) I don't think she can sing well live but has a good entertaining dance vibe to the song which will surely appeal to some... not a favourite.

3. Albania
This woman is a pain to listen to. She can't sing well and it is really strained. I cannot stand to hear this again so she better NOT get through! Can't wait for this to be over.

4. Armenia
Armenia has been doing well the past few years with pretty girls and catchy songs. This is no different. Her voice is not as strong as previous contestants, but her and her dancer's disrobing will be a plus point for her, though overall unimpressive. I hope I never have to see that punchbag chair again.

5. Turkey
This rock song is a nice change but still doesn't wow me yet... I'm currently unimpressed by these acts... a bit bored! I have a feeling they will get through though. Oh! A nice surprise at the end, pretty!
6. Serbia
OK what is she and her entourage wearing? Definitely like she stepped out of a sixties portal. This is madness- I am going to get some food = =

7. Russia*
Finally, a good voice from Russia... until he starts singing in English. He has the look, the dance moves and a catchy song. OK, I'm going to put this as one of the ones I think will get through. Their glowing costume stunt was also quite cool...

8. Switzerland*
The first shot of this girl, she looked like Taylor Swift from the front on. Not too fond of the song, but she has a good voice. All the nanana's make it seem like she has forgotten the lyrics. :P Second Pick.

9. Georgia*
I quite liked the introduction and the graphics to the performance was beautiful. The mix of shouty rock/rap is quite interesting though not that fond of the chorus. :P Third pick.
10. Finland
Weird lyrics about the environment? He has a good voice but hmm... I think he may just get through but there's something I don't like about it I can't pinpoint right now.
11. Malta
HE LOOKS SO SCARY!!! He looks a bit like what Justin Suarez from Ugly Betty would look like when he's older. I'm not here for this. NEXT.
12. San Marino
They introduced her as having starred in musicals all across Europe, only to disappoint with her husky voice that just isn't quite strong enough. She really should've gone with a power ballad to showcase her musical talent if that's what she's good at.
13. Croatia
"Love is here to stay, Celebrate" and "Celebrate every step you take" are just two of the very cringy lyrics found in this song, sung by a blonde woman with too much makeup with a strange magician person who provides her with a costume change- a pink dress Elle Woods will be missing for her Legally Blonde musicals at the West End.

14. Iceland
Yohanna should've gotten through. No words. I am not here for this. Props for them for continuing Sigourn's song but Yohanna would've won this!! 
15. Hungary*
Wow she has a really strong voice- I think she deserves to get through!! Her mix of English and presumably Hungarian is nice :D

16. Portugal
I AM NOT HERE FOR THIS! STOP IT PORTUGAL STOP IT! "This is a joke to you. These countries are taking this competition seriously and it should be serious to you too." This is a complete mess. Bring back pretty girl who can sing like last year!
17. Lithuania
Is this girl is singing some Disney song? She has a good song but it's a bit sloppy- I liked that she signlanguaged part of it though.
18. Azerbaijan*
I really like this song. Azerbaijan redeemed this whole first semi-final. Best performance this semi final imo!!! GO AZERBAIJAN!!! The fireworks and the lights at the end- STUNNING OMG OMG OMG!!!

19. Greece
This is a very confused performance... I liked the dancing but little else. I have no idea what is happening here!!! Pffft.

*Acts I want to go through to the final

I have not been very impressed with this year's participants so far (I haven't Youtubed them before hand this year so they're all coming to me as a surprise...but the few acts that stood out with good voices/performances are Russia, Switzerland, Georgia, Hungary and Azerbaijan, my favourite being Azerbaijan so far... Hope they get through!!! 

It's the time we've all been waiting for the announcing of the ten acts that will go through to the final!!!

The following ten acts made it through to the final:
1. Serbia
2. Lithuania
3. Greece
8. Finland
10. Iceland

YESS ALL 5 of my pick got through! I am happy. I want Azerbaijan to win based on this semi final alone. Hopefully there will be more great acts on Thursday's seconf semi-final. I will be live blogging then too! Who was YOUR favourite?

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  1. Since when was San Marino in the competition? I think I'll just watch on Saturday. Much easier


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