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Eurovision 2011 Final

It's the final of Eurovision tonight! Who will win??? I will be live blogging as the acts perform tonight! I will probably only comment on acts I have not seen before (Big 5), acts that I have changed my opinion on and acts that either I still hate or love.

So EUROVISION HAS BEGUN! Now the show is supposed to start with Lena singing her winning song 'Satellite' but since she's competing again this year, the hosts sing it instead! I have to say I'm surprised at this. Of course I'd prefer LENA to sing it but this is entertaining haha - they put a good spin on it.

OH WAIT. HERE COMES LENA! WOO- she should've just done the whole thing!

More blab then we see in 90 seconds the transformation of the arena which was pretty cool!! 

Here is the order of performance:

1. Finland
Did not like this during the semi finals. Don't like this now. Good time to get food :D
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
They're perfect maybe for a B&H cafe act but just doesn't appeal to me, though I'm a bit more impressed than I was when I saw heard them during semi.
3. Denmark*
It's a good song but will they fare well in Eurovision? They're probably my second favourite act. I still don't get what's up with his backless shirt- a bit of a weird style choice
4. Lithuania
Props for the sign language which is probably the only memorable thing about this act. She has a great voice but the song is not at all Eurovision- she definitely should pursue musical theatre!
5. Hungary
She has a goof voice and a catchy song- I feel this will do well but contemplating if this will enter one of my favourites... Hmm
6. Ireland (*)
Can't say they've improved much since Thursday's semi final but they are an entertaining pair- the song is catchy and addictive despite them being unable to hit the high notes and there is still awkwardness in their dancing, but can't help but like it for some reason :P
7. Sweden
It's an addictive song but don't like the lyrics then, don't like them now. I do like the breaking glass but that is about it. Did not pick up on this before but his opening line sounds a lot like Britney's song "I Wanna Go".

8. Estonia
Someone commented how they have a "London Eye" in the back- appealing to UK voters perhaps?
9. Greece
Quite authentic Greek sounding track- just not appealing to me. :(
10. Russia*
Remember quite liking this- he can dance and the song is catchy- think he will do well :D
11. France
This staging is amazing. The moonlight shot and the colours - love it. I am not here for the song though- the whole thing is like a musical theatre performance. This would get my vote for stunning graphics but nothing else.

12. Italy
So glad I'm only ever going to have to listen to this ONCE. Italy's return to Eurovision comes with THIS? Come on, you can do better.
13. Switzerland
I liked her during the semi final but now in the final, she doesn't make the cut for my top five pick. :P Still good though.
14. United Kingdom*
It's a good Euro pop song but they can't really do this very well live... turn their mics up or sing louder! Don't whisper like Ciara! They did improve towards the end. I see they wore revealing clothes to pick up more votes. They'll need it. Feel they will do well... hmm...

Also the staging is terrible- couldn't they just use London footage like they did in their video with those weird graphics? = =

15. Moldova
16. Germany*
LENA. I like this song but not here for those alien dancers in latex... the mirror backing graphics are good (also in her official music video). She sings the song well live though- almost spot on to her studio version. Will she win again? OH and LOVE that glass smash at the end!

17. Romania
He's still got that pervy look going on ...D:
18. Austria
She has a good voice but she just doesn't make an impact on me :P
19. Azerbaijan*
Absolutely love this performance and hope they win!! Love the fireworks at the end (despite looking like they were being abducted by aliens) :D Ell's first notes were a bit off (nervous?) but it got good later on - BEAUTIFUL. AZERBAIJAN FTW!!
20. Slovenia
Christina Aguilera's clone/body double. It's like this routine is taken from Burlesque or something- when she clicks her fingers and walks forward. >< And the outfit as well... Hmm..
21. Iceland
Yohanna should be representing Iceland. Enough said. As sorry as I am for Sigourn's death, Yohanna's song was far better for Eurovision.
22. Spain
Exotic and catchy but just not enough for me to like it. A bit cringey.
23. Ukraine*
Oh I remember liking this for a number of reasons- the sand artist is stunning (Ukraine's got Talent winner), the singer's dress (like the feathers) and she has a good voice. WANT THIS TO DO WELL :D
24. Serbia
I wonder what Twiggy has to say about this...
25. Georgia
They were one of goods during their semi final but cannot compare to the ones tonight... Still like their backing graphics though!!

*acts I like and want to win
(Azerbaijan, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, UK, Germany, (Ireland))

So all the acts have performed now and I have six/seven acts which I like most, but most of the acts have been very bearable and somewhat entertaining, my absolute favourite being Azerbaijan, really hope they win!! Wouldn't mind if UK won so I could go next year :P but think they will do well.

The results are always the most exciting/tense time so cannot wait until they are announced!! NOTE: I like their green room this year- the slant is stunning so everyone could see them and the illumination is beautiful.

Final Result:
2. Italy
3. Sweden

8. IRELAND (Never thought Jedward would do so well!)
11. UK (thought they'd do slightly better but 11th is not bad!)

Last Place: Switzerland

Three of my favs in the top five! :D I am SOOO HAPPY AZERBAIJAN WON! I loved their performance and they were my favourite!!! AHHHHH!!!  SOOOO HAPPY!! I want to go to Eurovision next year haha but where is Azerbaijan? :S


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  1. Quite a strange competition this year, not too predictable. I liked the song, one of the better ones


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