Sunday, 22 May 2011

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Recap


Last week was the season finale of Desperate Housewives Season 7 which is the first season of Desperate Housewives that I've watched, mainly due to the new arrival on the lane Renee Perry, played by Michelle Williams, who I enjoyed watching previously on Ugly Betty as Wilhelmina Slater. And it seems like the character of Renee captures very much the essence of Wilhelmina which makes her character that much more relateable and enjoyable to watch, just now in a different setting.

Apart from the arrival of a new gal on Wisteria Lane, Season 7 started off with the release of Paul Young from prison, a person the girls on the lane did not like due to his history on the lane and his involvement with a murder.

It was slightly puzzling trying to work out why everyone hated him given I don't know the history, but there was certainly something fishy about his plan of starting a halfway house on the lane.

Paul's evil plan of ruining the lane involved him moving into Susan's house as she is running into financial difficulty, leading her to participate in internet household cleaning erotica, but Paul soon finds out and blackmails her. The truth is very quickly revealed, in which she loses her job at the school.

The secret about Gaby's child Juanita not actually being hers is revealed, and she goes out looking for her biological daughter and when found, she becomes too attached to Grace, causing her to become mentally unstable when Grace has to leave. 

Lynette has had her latest child, Paige, and amidst looking after the child and reconnecting with college pal Renee, discovered that Renee and Tom had a thing going on- her story was rather dull and uninteresting to be honest (at this point anyway).

Bree is getting a divorce from Orson whilst juggling romance with her gardener/household fixer/decorator Keith, at first fighting for him with Renee. 

There wasn't too much going on this first half apart from Paul's evil plan and Susan's secrets, which was perhaps most interesting- there were funny bits in all the other girls' storylines but it wasn't until the second half that it got truly interesting.

A riot happens halfway through, leaving Susan with a malfunctioning kidney which meant she needed dialysis and an eventual transplant. This story arc brought attention to the harsh reality of organ donations and those suffering with kidney failure. Everyone on the lane gets tested to see if they're a match for Susan. 

Paul was shot at the riot and he at first thought it was his wife Beth, having found out she is the daughter of nemesis Felicia Tilman who is in prison for framing Paul for her sister's murder. He drives her out of his home which leads her to kill herself at the hospital after finding out she was a match for Susan. 

Gaby starts going to therapy for her past, at the same time the truth about Bree's son killing Carlos' mother comes out, in which he forbids her to see Bree again. Bree breaks up with Keith as she finds out he has a son with someone else and he doesn't know about it- she feels wrong that she is breaking up their family. She later helps her son go to rehab and deals with some deep issues with him. 

Lynette's husband is offered a high paying job and he takes it. Being CEO of a big company and making lots of money, their relationship is now threatened, as she cannot handle him being the boss of the household now after all those years of her being in control. Their relationships struggles are very real and relateable and it seems like they could get through anything, but what about this one?

Felicia is freed from prison after her daughters death and moves back into the lane where she avenges her daughter by poisoning Paul with anti-freeze, putting it into Susan's food which she is making for Paul. 

In the season finale, Paul finds out his food has been poisoned and Susan is framed, but the truth is soon revealed and Felicia runs for it, but returns to kill Paul, in which Susan saves the day. Having now saved enough money, Susan and family move back into the lane, whilst Paul returns to prison having confessed to murder all those years ago.

Gaby's abusive step father returns to haunt her, played by no other than Ugly Betty star Tony Plana, who played Ignacio Suarez in UB. She threatens him to leave after taking a firearms class. Bree and her new detective boyfriend get intimate as he ends his divorce, whilst Lynette and Tom are really struggling with their relationship and decide to separate. Renee's ex-husband is remarrying which leads her to go wild with their "housewarming" party for Susan's return to the lane.

As Gaby returns to her home, her stepfather is there and after a struggle, Carlos kills him with a candlestick. The other girls arrive early and discover the body, but all help to hide the body, leading onto what seems to be an explosive Season 8. What will happen to the body? Will Bree's detective boyfriend be on this case? Will Tom and Lynette actually separate? And if so, will he get together with Renee? Will this Season be the end of the troubles for Susan after such a powerful story arc this season? Will Gaby's biological daughter return again? Lots to look forward to this fall when Desperate Housewives returns to our screens.

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