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Born This Way - Lady Gaga Album Review

The highly anticipated follow up to Lady Gaga’s debut album ‘The Fame’ and EP ‘Fame Monster’ has dropped, titled ‘Born This Way’.


Lady Gaga has somehow morphed into a motorbike which would be perfectly acceptable if she truly was born THAT way, but given she’s Human (I think, and hope) this cover is a complete mess, with the internet ablaze with rumours that this was a joke when it was first released. 

I personally find her face stunning in the image and a crop of just that would’ve made a far better cover. What Gaga and her team were thinking, or if they were thinking at all, I have no idea.

Her album contains fourteen new tracks:

1. Marry The Night 3.5/5
The first track off the album, titled 'Marry The Night' has a very mysterious sound to the name which does not reflect the song, which is just another typical upbeat track which should, but doesn't grab me. This is a very forgettable song (which I feel I have heard somewhere else before) and whilst it isn't bad, just would not be one you would remember if asked to name a song off the album.
2. Born This Way 3/5
Lead Single 'Born this Way' did well commercially, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Whilst it was upbeat and catchy in the chorus, the lyrics were just unappealing, far too preachy and ruined by the voice of her speaking during the "Don't be a drag..." bit. If that didn't ruin it for you, just watch the uncensored music video for this- absolutely disgusting. And she claims to be a role model... but song wise, BTW is average.

3. Government Hooker 3/5
If I was alone at night and someone just started blasting this song I would think there was a ghost somewhere. When the song finally gets going it sounds like something off Britney's Blackout album. And it sounds like Britney's singing in the back too- there's someone in the back with a scuba voice who sings "Government Hooker" repeatedly... This is a strange song- I give Gaga props for being different and this has the potential to grow on me but...
4. Judas 4/5
Second single Judas was coincidentally leaked just before Easter Sunday which sparked controversy and therefore boosted the publicity of this song. Again, it has a great pop beat and it's super catchy, but ruined by more speaking near the end, as long as a weird "Ew" she throws in. Her opening of "Juda- Juda-as" is reminiscent of her "Ra-ra-ra-a-a" in 'Bad Romance', whether this is a good or bad thing I'll let you decide. 
5. Americano 2.5/5
Lady Gaga's entry to America's version of Eurovision, and be the gimmick entry.
6. Hair 4.5/5
The song begins with a jazz sound which crops up again and again throughout, Lady Gaga blows up into a meaningless pop song about hair. Catchy and addictive, this is what Gaga does best. By far the most addictive song on the album so far. Perhaps even generated for future hairspray, shampoo, shower gel, hair dye ads? 

7. Scheiße 3.5/5
Whilst trying French in last pop hit 'Bad Romance' she now tries German in 'Scheiße', the sound of which immediately reminds me of 'One Girl Revolution' (well parts of it). Again, this is a catchy song but just doesn't grab me and starts to sound repetitive very quickly.

8. Bloody Mary 3.5/5
Another average track. I'm somewhat bored of this album by now and looking for something to lift this back up. I like the dark sound to this song but it's rather flat and there are bits which remind me of another song I cannot recall the name of...
9. Bad Kids 3/5
Minus the intro, this song isn't half bad, until it gets to the chorus and it's a bit too happy sounding to be about 'bad kids'. This is definitely missing that much needed dark sound. Regurgitation from the 90s. Even S Club 7 would pass on this track.
10. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) 3.5/5
Just based on the name of the song, I could predict myself not liking this song. Even if it is amazing, who would want to be seen listening to a song called Highway Unicorn (Road to love)? It has that airy sound like rainbows and fairies dancing unicorns, which I'm not here for. It's again not musically bad, it's lyrically unlistenable and I'd personally have to name it to just 'Road To Love' if I'm keeping this track at all.
11. Heavy Metal Lover 2/5
Flat, uninteresting, again sounds like something Britney was forced to sing for her come back album. NEXT. Could not get through this track even once.
12. Electric Chapel 4/5
Finally a song that redeems this album from the dumps. I love the electric guitars in this track, but it's missing something explosive in the chorus which would make this track otherwise phenomenal. As it stands, it is lacklustre and anticlimatic. But after five dull tracks, this is water in a desert.
13. You and I 5/5
Arguably the best song on this album, You And I trumps previous ballad 'Speechless' in every way. This is a beautifully written song and I'm glad I stuck around for it.  
14. The Edge of Glory 4/5
Promo single and a great end to her album, 'The Edge of Glory' is about her grandfather's death, which may not be immediately apparent from the upbeat sound of this track. There is just something fresh to this song and it did better than 'Judas' commercially which reveals a lot about her single choice.

SONGS TO LOVE: Hair, You and I, Edge of Glory
SONGS TO SKIP: Americano, Heavy Metal Lover


As a follow up album to worlwide hit 'The Fame', 'Born this Way' is no where near that calibre and does not even come close to groundbreaking. Lady Gaga's quick change of image since 'The Fame' into this darker element seen in 'Fame Monster' has definitely affected her songwriting and focus. The messages she writes about in her songs, whilst are encouraging and empowering, come across cheesy and cliched (Highway Unicorn/Born this way).  

There is a clear development of her sound with the inclusion of trumpets giving certain tracks a jazz feel, but the essence of dance is very much in most of these tracks, though at times slightly excessive with a few of the tracks sounding like Britney Spears' rejects (Heavy Metal Lover/Government Hooker).

However, there are a few standout tracks to be found towards the beginning (Judas/Hair) and the end (You and I/Edge of Glory). When they say save the best till last, there is certainly some truth to it when it comes to this album.
Undoubtedly this album will sell insanely well due to her large fan base, but that may not necessarily be a true reflection of the quality of the music within. Get the tracks individually- you wouldn't want to be stuck listening to 'Americano'.


  1. None of her albums are interesting, she is the new mass mainstream. Just like her fans.

  2. Hair is AWFUL, btw. wtf?? 5/5 ? You must be joking ! T o t a l l y GENERIC!

  3. I agree with siula. after reading the Hair review I stopped reading everything else. As much as I love GaGa, Hair is one of her worst songs ever.


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