Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bad Teacher Film Trailer and Preview

Cameron Diaz's latest film titled 'Bad Teacher' is about a teacher who 'doesn't give an "F"' and lazes about waiting for the right man to take care of her. When she meets [rich?] substitute teacher Justin Timberlake, she goes all out trying to impress him. Seeing that his last girlfriend was well endowed, she aspires to get a boob job in order to catch his eye.

Hearing that the teacher with the best grades will get a bonus, she changes her attitude to teaching and strives to get that extra money presumably for that boob job.

This sounds like a completely typical rom com film where she wouldn't need to go through with it to get the guy as he'll be impressed with her change of heart and fall in love with her. However, it's Cameron Diaz and this is her territory. When she's blonde and looks like that you know what kind of film you're in for. 

Despite this seen before formula, there is something here which still attracts me to want to see it. Undoubtedly it's pretty trashy and blah but if you want to kill a few hours, this could be the solution.

The film is out next month, on 24th June.

Watch the trailer below:

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