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America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 13 (FINALE) Recap

Two girls are left fighting to be named America's Next Top Model: Brittani and Molly. Molly's recent rule of first call outs could bag her the title but will her attitude get in the way? Brittani's good portfolio and her great runway walk makes her a good all rounder but can Tyra get past her previous shortcomings? 

The girls talk about their background- Molly her adoption, Brittani her trailer park and mother. But they get Tyra Mail which reads Sahel, Khafif, Zoulnah, which is utter gibberish to the pair. 

Anyway, the girls meet Ivan Bart from IMG to have a one on one. He liked Molly's photographs and Brittani's face and attitude. They also do their Covergirl commercial and print ads for Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick. This time round there will be three cameras and they have to 'deliver at every angle'. Apart from learning the script they will also get a teleprompter on the centre camera.

Molly struggled with her commercial in trying to be herself but not come across as angry. I thought she didn't look at all soft or Covergirl in the footage we saw of her filming, though the final edit will probably be good. Brittani didn't get off to a great start but delivered a performance at the end Jay was very impressed with. I didn't like her voice though.

For their print ad, I thought Molly looked great throughout the footage, sophisticated and high class. She has that slight edge that doesn't take Covergirl too far from easy breezy beautiful. Brittani has a very edgy look already so I felt she should've been slightly sweeter, though apparently Covergirl wants a stronger image.

The girls then go shoot their Beauty in Vogue spread, again by Pierpaolo (who did their Covergirl ad). Brittani did a good job she looked really good lying on the mirror. However, cranky Molly who was missing chicken for lunch kept being told not to give up and lose energy which will surely affect her at panel. However, I thought she looked really good in that slightly moody/sad shot!! 

When the girls get back home, Molly's parents are there but Brittani's mother isn't as she has anxiety problems which was really sad when she had to just stand there and watch, though she does get to chat to her mother via webcam later on, which makes it slightly better but still... so sad for Brit!!!

The girls get Tyra Mail which tell them abour their runway show tomorrow. They go and meet Jay (who is wearing far too much eye make up) who tells them they will be modelling Vivienne Westwood. They have also brought back Kasia, Alexandria and Hannah for the finale runway which I thought they'd scrap given they'd returned to final two, but it's nice to see Hannah and she deserves all the publicity she gets from this show! Of Course, Ann (winner of Cycle 15) is back to open the show!!

When asked, Hannah roots for Brittani, Alexandria roots for Molly and Kasia roots for both- so no conclusion. BOO!!

In her confessional, Brittani goes "I know I have a stronger runway walk, it is whether or not I will slip up or do something stupid to ruin it"- foreshadowing?? For anyone who has seen the preview, they'll know what happens!! I can't wait!

I thought Molly looked very good facially on the runway with her agape mouth but didn't like her hip movements, but Brittani rocked it both times- the positioning of the bag at the end of the runway meant she would've got great shots. 

When Brittani walks with Molly, on her return, she accidentally slips on rose petals (the new pendulum) and crash lands into a wall with a massive thump. OUCH!! Will this cost her the title of ANTM? She hurts her ankles, cuts her wrist but has to walk again for the finale, which she did well with a smile on her face.

Also notice how pretty Hannah looked :D [SEE HER ANTM PORTFOLIO HERE]

Heading backstage, the girls are told by Ivan Bart that they will get a new look for panel (which was what Molly was referring to in the preview as something which has never happened on Top Model before). Well, having seen post-show images of both girls with the new cuts, there was a lot of speculation as to why they got such similar cuts- many led speculation they were the final two- which made it a bit of a spoiler, though I have to admit Molly looks far better and Brit looks even more high fashion with this new cut!

At panel, they showed the final edit of the Covergirl Commercial- I DID NOT LIKE that they showed all three angles simultaneously like a mirror, because many times the side two were pretty crap as you couldn't see their face properly or they were turned away. 

Brittani's best take was almost flawless, apart from a few side glances where she was trying to remember the lines. Molly's did come across angry and uninviting, though what's worse about her commercial is that horrid purple scarf she had to wear. I couldn't stop staring at it! The judges praised Brittani and commented on Molly as being mean in the footage.

Brittani's print ad I thought was edgy but don't like the hand positions, whilst Molly's was generally a better photo. When Tyra commented on focussing energy on the bodypart that sells the product, I did think Brittani's photo was more obviously a lipstick commercial. 

At deliberation, it's pretty crazy as they throw in compliments for both girls here and there I really couldn't follow what was going on as both were praised like mad... at this point, I predict that Brittani will win given her Covergirl commercial could actually be used- Molly's would be painful to watch and would cost Covergirl money to run. They are both strong photographically and both have good runway walks, but what's actually going to be a nationwide campaign? The Covergirl and Beauty in Vogue- both of which Brittani did bettter at- So I'm putting my bet on Brittani for the win!!!

The moment we've been waiting for... America's Next Top Model Is...

BRITTANI!!! YAY I'm happy for her I thought she was the most high fashion girl since the makeovers and definitely did the best this episode. Bring on Cycle 17 and the All star cast!!

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