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America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 12 Recap

I AM EXTREMELY MAD THAT BLOGGER WENT UNDER MAINTAINENCE AND DELETED MY ANTM RECAP. They said they'd restore deleted blogs = = but I'm still MAD. Here is a very brief recap of the episode I'm now re-writing incase the old one does not turn up.

It's the penultimate episode and only three girls remain: Brittani, Hannah and Molly. All the girls talk about their position in the competition... When they get home, Brittani plays with a bit of meat some sort of rib thing- don't know why they kept showing the footage (GIF PLEASE!)... 
The girls first challenge was to go and research a Moroccan fashion trend for a 90 sec broadcast for THE INSIDER.They had an hour to do the research and film their footage.

Brittani- Henna
Brittani struggled to find someone who could speak English and in the end just fed the words into her interviewees, the man innocently saying yes to everything she was asking- very forced. Her expert just stood there.  
Molly- Black Kohl
Molly did amazingly well in her footage using the experts and demonstrating the use of the product really well. However at the end she said "this went horribly" before the time cut off which made me think AH she'd lose the challenge!

Hannah- Argan Oil
I thought Hannah had a great chance of winning. Her personality was bubbly and she was relatable and you wanted to listen to her. She did stumble a bit but overall got the points across but unfortunately ran out of time.

In the end, the winner was MOLLY (BOO!) who gets her footage aired, most likely cutting out her last few seconds.

Tyra goes to their house to do a quick shoot with them and talk to them. Molly talked about her adoption and anger, Brittani about her trailer park and her mother and Hannah (with her limited screen time), her high school. I thought Hannah looked stunning in Tyra's picture, did not like Brit's picture.

The photoshoot creative this week was on a Moroccan love story, each girl had to create their own story. Molly struggled to begin with, as she lacked chemistry but got great shots at the end, Hannah was very into character which Nigel said slightly interfered with her modelling but got great feedback overall, Brittani sucked until she started crying. 

Hannah did so well on set I really thought she had a great chance of staying. This is truly anyone's game! 

They didn't show a Tyra mail for panel? (all time first?) 

At panel and deliberation, Brittani was praised for her pictures but criticised for crying and being difficult to shoot. Ivan Bart commented how this would be a problem. Tyra defends her by saying she was pleasant to shoot and she was striking. Andre thinks its a great photo and he has no problems with it.

Hannah got great feedback- Andre said her first photo was Vogue Italia worthy but disliked her foot in the second one (she's selling the tattoo/Henna!). She was praised for consistency in the storytelling but was told she went too far in being the character that it interfered with modelling. Nigel comments on how it was ironic when questioned about inner strength, she said she was strong but almost broke down in front of them. Ivan defends her by saying when she is standing there, she radiates a positive energy and passion.

Molly's photos were loved- Andre likes HER foot, even though I think it is too far out and slightly alien. I love her second shot though, the effortlessness of it all and the beauty of the dress in the wind is truly stunning. Ivan comments on her negative energy.

I really don't know who is going to stay or go- they could have reasons for everyone, but I think there are two possible scenarios:

1) Molly and Brit
2) Molly and Hannah

Molly's consistency of late means she is almost guranteed a slot with this FCO being her third in a row. Brittani could be eliminated for her struggle on set as well as Tyra not liking her for her previous outbreak. Hannah could be saved for her personality but eliminated for her lack of control and her apparent lack of inner strength.

So who stays and who goes? The first girl called is...

MOLLY! AGAIN!? I have a sense of Deja vu this is like cycle 14 when Krista got FCO for the last five weeks of the competition and subsequently won the show. I don't want that! Brittani and Hannah stand in the bottom two. Tyra says Brittani has taken some strong photos to begin with but lacks consistency as her latest images are not as strong as the others, whilst Hannah took some of the strongest photos in the competition but lacks inner strength. 

In the end, Hannah was eliminated. :( BOO! I thought she did really well this week and deserved to stay based on her performance, but I know she isn't as good as the others in runway and would make it too obvious the other would win. Still, I'm so proud of her for getting this far and making it into my favourite contestants of all time

Good luck Hannah!

Next week the girls walk in an Vivienne Westwood fashion show (SO EXCITED) as well as doing their cover girl ad (which Hannah would ROCK), print ad and Vogue Italia shoot.

UPDATE: Having seen the preview I am so nervous- WHAT HAPPENS TO BRITTANI? WHY DID SHE FALL OVER/COLLAPSE? What has NEVER happened on Top Model before? I  think Molly will win but I want Brittani to.

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  1. i have a feeling molly will win too. brittani has since appeared in so many spreads and ads that aren't vogue italia, and molly has not turned up much...which probably means she's busy working at vogue and doing whatever img tells her to do and keeping it all under wraps until the show is finished.


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