Thursday, 5 May 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 11 Recap

The girls talk about panel blah blah... nothing really interesting until Hannah goes "I'll cut you! I'll cut you!" soo funny...

Miss Jay walks in with their portfolios and takes them to meet editor in chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani (who was at judging last week), and they have tea together. Hannah's response of wanting to model to create photography that people want to rip out and put on their wall is exactly what I love about it fashion photography- I WANT TO RIP IT OUT! Brittani seemed to have dominated this session though.

For the girls' challenge, they will be balancing a tea tray on their head and doing a supposedly traditional Moroccan tea tray balancing dance? They practise with the tray and Brittani keeps dropping it whilst Alexandria mastered the skill and went overboard with her hip swings. Back at home, Hannah practises whilst changing (LOL)...

This whole thing is clearly for entertainment purposes only (perhaps to try and recreate the TV gold of Cycle 14's pendulum fiasco). In the real performance though,the girls will be walking with lit candles on their tea trays (HOT WAX!!!) which make it even more tense. It seems to me there's more of a hazard here than the "set palms alight" walk they did in episode 4.

Before their walk, Jay warns them that this is very important, "it's down to the wire" and that only "one can become America's Next Top Model". Had I not seen the photoshoot for this week, I would've thought they'd sneakily eliminate someone after this challenge. Oh, when Alexandria says "PLEASE. *hair flick* I was made to do this"- GIF MOMENT!!

Anyway, Molly tripped on her dress and dropped some cups, swore a bunch and then continued to walk angrily without picking her cups up. Brittani, despite doing terribly during practice did phenomenal in the real thing- she really danced and looked like one of the professionals! Hippie Hannah confessed to not being able to move her hips but did well not to make it fall and looked like she had so much fun! Alexandria did really well and probably went overboard and then dropped everything. TWICE. But it was good of her to get that man to put it on her head- interactive! and finished the dance with confidence.

In the end, Brittani wins the challenge and gets a one on one walking session with Ms Jay, who also gives her the option of picking a friend to go with her or doing it on her own. Bitch Brit would do it on her own but thankfully she picked Hannah (YESS!) to go with her!!! Molly was such a sore loser- claiming the challenges don't affect who goes home and that she takes better pictures than everyone else... URGH GO HOME!

After Hannah and Brittani's runway teach, the girls go out to eat and decide on an authentic stall and they all tried BRAIN and eyeballs- Hannah was so into it and Brit threw up.

The girls get Tyra mail and Hannah predicts that they will be shooting at a market (well done girl!) and then get to go shopping afterwards, to which Molly goes yay! Brittani is ill from the eyeball/brain and does not feel well for her shoot tomorrow.

Anyway, the girls shoot will be in the marketplace, to be shot by Friedemann Hauss, who advises the girls that the creative is about movement and absorbing the culture.

Hannah gets given a doorway and a car in two different scenes to work with for her photograph. I didn't like the styling- it makes her face look far too round. I loved her inspiration of opening the door to meet her awaiting lover, but agree that it was a bit too "airy fairy" and over the top. However, there was a shot of her posing by the door which looked SOO good.

Molly did well as Jay kept shouting "BEAUTIFUL" and "GORGEOUS"... NEXT.

Jay told Alexandria before her shoot not to be so controlled which made her even more anxious and did not deliver in the face, though her movement was good. I liked the styling, it was very 'Aladdin', but felt she could be stronger.

Brittani did really well despite it raining so I guess it's obvious Alexandria and Hannah will be in the bottom two based on the shoot... Pffft. 

At Panel, Alexandria's photo generated mixed results. The designer liked it, Tyra thought it wasn't very high fashion, Nigel thought she could've had better movement. Brittani did not get the praise I'd expect, though Andre loved her shot. Nigel picked up on her amputee arm, and Tyra said it wasn't high fashion, though moreso than Alex's. SHOCKING. Hannah's photo was loved by the designer and Nigel called it most editorial, but Andre then questions the narrative (SCREW YOU!) and Tyra teaches her to work her angles (with a strange backing music). Molly got unanimous praise = First call out. BOO! 

At deliberation, Nigel comments how Alexandria looks like a flight attendant and Tyra agrees with a sharp "YES!", though the fashion designer disagrees. They all love Molly. Tyra does not like Hannah's picture/face, Andre feels she is evoking SOMETHING, fashion designer does not like the face. Nigel comments on Brittani's photo that she isn't pushing (WHO CRAWLED IN TRASH THREE WEEKS BACK!?). She looks SO dramatic, like crazy market snake lady! Pfffft judges...

After all this I predict Molly getting first call out with Hannah and Alexandria in the bottom two. I am torn though as to who will go home because both did not do so well in the photo. I SO want Hannah to stay, her body language was much better than Alexandria, and her personality. However, the judges seem to love Alexandria... Argh... I really don't know- though will root for Hannah to stay. 

In the end, the first girl called is...

Molly, followed by Brittani. In the bottom two are Hannah and Alexandria. Tyra says that Alexandria has too much control where her photo does not look high fashion, whilst Hannah lacks control and doesn't know what she's doing. From this final statement, it seems control is easier to lax than it is to gain it... BUT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG YES HANNAH STAYS YES YES YES!!!

Next week's preview makes it out that Brittani will break down (reusing footage of her panic attack in episode 7- I am not impressed). 

As previews never give the truth away, Brittani will probably land in the bottom two but get saved. Molly's plethora of first call outs will save her, unless she does terribly next week, so next week will surely be Hannah's last, but so happy she got saved this week!!!

So final prediction is that Molly and Brittani will be top two- both have sob stories (Brit -trailer park), Molly (adoption)... and I am rooting for Brittani as she has the better personality. :D

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