Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rihanna in US Vogue by Annie Leibovitz (April 2011)

Rihanna covers April's edition of US Vogue. Shot by Annie Liebovitz, Rihanna shows off her curves in the 'Shape issue'. The cover looks phenomenal with Rihanna in Chanel, as well as the ones in the sand, but I was rather disappointed with the one where she is on the stool with that purple short crop. She looks like she is selling package holidays to Barbados. Now who would want to go to a place where Rihanna looks like THAT?

Tyra Banks tweeted: "Rihanna's Vogue magazine cover is AMAZING! Luv her curves n bright red hair. I tried that hair on ANTM n looked insane but Rih is hot w/it! (sic)"
In response, Rihanna tweeted: "Am I still in the running Miss Tyra??? Thank u, means a lot coming from a top model/role model."

I'd love it if Rihanna was a guest judge or a special guest on America's Next Top Model. That would be INSANE.

Check out the rest of the shoot below:

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