Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jaclyn Poole's Portfolio (America's Next Top Model Cycle 16)


Sweet Jaclyn has been wrongfully eliminated from America's Next Top Model. Her performance on last night's episode was arguable (despite going only to 2 gosees she booked them all and had she gone to more, would've also booked them. Molly on the other hand failed to impress half of the ones she went to).

Just last week she got first call out for the stunning shot (above), which shows her versatility and she isn't just the 'girl next door'. 

With the strongest portfolio compared to all the girls (all her pictures were chosen for her go-see), the departure of Jaclyn was a big shock, at least to me. This girl has the greatest personality and bubbliness out of any ANTM contestant EVER and she has the potential to go very far in the fashion industry. #TEAMJACLYN.

UPDATE: One of the most lovable ANTM contestants ever!

Check out her on show portfolio below:



  1. I know and knew her before she was on her She's truly a great girl :)

  2. I know and knew her before she went on this shes truly an amazing girl :)

  3. I know and knew her before she became famous she is truly an amazing girl :)


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