Monday, 4 April 2011

Cute Animals: Baby Sea Otters


I randomly stumbled upon this once with a friend on the computer and could not resist its cuteness! For some reason, these sea otters love to float on their backs on the water and do wave like paws - so sweet! One of the cutest (and animated) animals I have seen for a while so very happy to share these with you.

It will be difficult to top this in terms of cuteness for a while!!!! Definitely like to see them for real, and if possible hug one :D If only I was small enough to float on one too!

Check out lots more cute images below:


    I love how all your 'Popular Posts' are cute animals xP

  2. These adorable little mothers and babies are my favorite sea animals They are so entertaining! It's obvious that they're intelligent: the babies wrapped in kelp and sleeping while the mother hunts for food, cracking open a shell laying on their backs with a rock to have lunch, and holding hands so they won't float apart when they're sleeping ....... I could go on and on!!! Love them!!


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