Friday, 8 April 2011

Christine Guldbrandsen 'Break My Chains' Official Music Video/ 'Colours' Album Preview

Today is the release date of Christine Guldbrandsen's new album 'Colours', so I thought I'd share with you her latest single and music video, 'Break My Chains'.
In the video Christine is seen to be in beautiful settings much like her 'Surfing in the Air' video, but a lot more vibrant and upbeat. Her hair is more edgy and messy which is nice. I like some of the elements which remind me a bit of Annie's 'Heartbeat' music video. Simple, but effective.
I was rather disappointed with the album cover as it looks a bit cheap and cheesy with the colours on her face and the font. I wish they'd just removed the colour, it would've looked far better. Still, I'm eager to hear the music that is within. 
Tracklist for 'Colours':
1. Break My Chains
2. Ladyshy
3. Colors
4. Sun and Moon
5. The Guy Up There
6. Memories
7. The Islands
8. Elves Dance (Remix)
9. Standing on the Moon
10. Lullaby
The names of the songs again sound very beautiful, though again, there are only ten tracks which took her four years to record? :( And one of them is a remix of 'Elves Dance' which is a bit of a cop out. 
I will most likely get this album at some point, but I'm swamped with music at the moment, so it will have to wait.
Watch the video below:

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