Thursday, 28 April 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 10 Recap

The girls arrive in Morocco and the conversations that are happening on their bus ride are so funny- along with the interviews... there is so much to read into. Firstly, from the preview, it appears Alexandria will be in the bottom for her directing (more on that later) and now, typical elimination editing is giving Alexandria a lot of screen time where she talks about getting best photo last week and about her chameleon.

What's MOST fascinating is that Molly is also getting lots of screen time and she tells us how she was adopted and how this may be the cause of her anger. Then she goes and says how Tyra wants her to be completely different person and be "fake like Alexandria". OUCH. But it's true, I don't like how Tyra phrased it last week and it does seem like she's contradicting herself a few episodes back about being fake. Now, given the facts, I am pretty sure Molly is going to go home because of 1) editing 2) unrectified bad attitude 3) Alexandria will be saved for her performance. 

Kasia notices camels and comments how she would love to do a photo shoot with them (she'll be pleased) and then Hannah, I think is Hannah, goes and shouts out camel toes!? LOL love her.

The girls explore the city when they see Mr and Ms Jay who tell them they will be going to all the main sites a model should see in Marrakech, before having Monkeys jump on them... Kasia then talks about herself, then Hannah talks about herself but they showed a photo of her when she was younger and the editing makes it seem like she may go home? Now I'm really confused who may be going home!

As the girls are having their traditional Moroccan lunch, Brittani talks a lot about how she has felt unsafe the last few judgings due to the whole 'Alexandria debacle' but feels strong in the competition and how she comes from a trailer park. 

After lunch, the girls meet Andre and they try walk for him in designer clothes by this Moroccan/African designer- the pieces were like sculptures- very artistic... they couldn't find one which fit Kasia for a long time, but in the end, they found something. Brittani and Kasia walked well. Molly was angry looking and the dress was too long for her, whilst Alexandria didn't take her sporty socks off. Andre praised Kasia for remembering heels. I loved the cape thing on Hannah and thought her walk was stoic and appropriate!

The girls get to a rooftop and Andre is there (again) and he tells them this is their house. The girls walk into their house- there is a big bed for three and two single beds. Despite being first to walk in, Molly doesn't pick the single bed and then complains that she has to share with Brittani and Kasia. "You snooze, you lose" -wise words from Hannah. Molly complains. 

Kasia: "She kind of lets her anger get the best of her and she will go home for it. *happily* So fingers crossed!"

For their photo shoot the girls will be on camels out on the Moroccan desert. Brittani was really diverse with her variety of poses, laying and standing on the camel and really sold the head scarf. Before the shoot, Molly was complaining about the heat and was faking her personality as she didn't want to come across as angry.

Molly did really well on the shoot even though all she seemed to do was to ride the camel- I did like how natural it was bit didn't feel she was diverse and her full potential. So I guess she ISN'T going home. BOO!

The photographer said that Kasia was painful to shoot so BYE BYE KASIA- love your personality- you should've entered in Cycle 10 and kicked Whitney's butt. Alexandria tries friendly chat with the photographer but he seems to be sarcastic/reject everything she says. I mean, help her out!! But LOL! She doesn't do well, Jay says she's too controlled and then when asked what she can do to break from this, she goes "to direct myself", the photographer being who he is then says "I think you're being TOO controlled". BOOM. Will she actually be going home for this or will she have a good shot? I REALLY DON'T KNOW!

At Alexandria's failure, Brittani was extremely happy with her evil Mwahahahahah's and her "Bitch, you're going down" finger spiral twirl.

Hannah was really natural on the camel and the way she jerked forward and was tense made it look great, despite the lack of clothing she had to work with. The photographer loved her and said "bravo girl" go YAY Hannah!!

From the photo shoot Alexandria and Kasia will almost definitely be in the bottom two, but will they save Kasia for her personality, or Alexandria for her past success? 

At panel, Brittani got good feedback from the judges, although Franca Sozzani (from Vogue Italia) said it wasn't natural enough. Alexandria's photo was hit and miss, some good parts and some bad parts. Franca again said it looked stiff, with Nigel and Tyra both commenting on how she needed to be more aware of her attitude on set and how she would be perceived.

Kasia was criticised for thinking too much and being self conscious- Andre said it lacked narrative, Franca said it wasn't good enough, this shot being the only shot that was deemed usable by the photographer. Molly was praised by Franca for her natural looking photograph. Hannah was praised for selling the clothes and having a photo that is different to the other girls. Franca did not like her expression but Tyra praised her for her film.

At deliberation, Tyra asked if Brittani's was a must have and Andre sharply answered NO. Franca said it was contrived and constructed by the photographer and the stylist, Brittani lacking expression. Andre says Alexandria's photo is flat and Nigel comments on how her attitude is a problem and her apparent niceness seems 'fake'. NOW you see her fakeness. What happened to that in episode 7!? Franca defends Kasia's photo but wouldn't run it and also doesn't think she is a model. Nigel says that Hannah's picture lacks narrative and that she may not understand it, Andre quickly defends her and says that many great models may not necessary need to understand it to have a great shot.

I predict that Molly will get first call out, with Alexandria and Kasia in the bottom two, with Kasia being sent home. Am I right?

The first girl called is...

MOLLY. Urgh. She is followed by Brittani and Hannah. In the bottom are Alexandria and Kasia. Tyra says Alexandria is there because her demeanor can be trusted on set, whilst Kasia is inconsistent and her confidence doesn't match up to her potential. So who stays? ALEXANDRIA. Kasia is sent HOME. She should've been sent home last week instead of Jaclyn- WASTED.

Anyway, all the girls left have had a first call out with Molly, Alexandria and Hannah leading with two first call outs, whilst Alexandria only has one. I predict the final three will be Hannah, Molly and Brittani unless Alexandria does phenomenal next week and gets first call out. :W

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