Thursday, 21 April 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 9 (Recap Episode) Recap

So this is the recap episode for cycle 16, where the rest of the cycle will be the foreign destination stuff (Morocco). I'll only be talking about new footage and interesting things that are revealed in this episode. I have a feeling there will be MANY gif moments so will try to find them and include them ASAP.

An early clip footage shows the girls riding camels for their next photoshoot in Morocco.


- Hannah uses her crystal/pendulum thing on Alexandria and Jaclyn (AWWWW!!)

- Dominique's 'paper bag' runway challenge
- Jaclyn turns 20 but couldn't make her bed, calling for Monique's help

- Ondrei collapses during the food challenge
- Monique talks about her sexiness being stressful

- Alexandria raps (only like a 20 seconds of this- why they made it such a big deal on the preview?)

- Kasia is actually 26 + her skincare regime
- Jaclyn's Swear Jar
- Alexandria's back problem
- Brittani nearly pees her pants seeing Usher and P. Diddy, also humps floor

- Girls discuss if Miss Jay is a he or a she
- Hannah breaks down for being called unmemorable

- Alexandria attacks Jaclyn for smiling whilst Brittani yelled at her making Jac leave the room

- In Tyra's words, "despite her Southern Sweetness, Jaclyn is not ready to be a Top Model". If I was a modelling agency, I'd sign her RIGHT NOW. You did see THIS picture of her right, Tyra? YOU WERE THERE. 

For the first time in a recap (I think), they showed footage from the previous winner Ann Ward and her Vogue Italia shoot by Ellen Von Unwerth which was interesting, I guess it's because it is the first time they did Vogue Italia... but it was only like 30 seconds worth of clips, despite Tyra going on and on about it throughout the ep. ><

So who will win America's Next Top Model?

I always read too much into these montages~ but I really want Brittani to win :3 but they almost never puts the winner in the middle in these montages, though there is a forced symmetry due to the final five that means they can't really montage it any other way... we will see!

OK so here are my realistic predictions on who's going to win:

1. Brittani (she came from trailer park and they like sob stories)
2. Alexandria
3. Molly
4. Hannah
5. Kasia

Alexandria and Brittani will be in the final three for definite, but who will join them?

My favourite is Hannah but I feel like the judges will eliminate her for being too sweet/ not memorable (JUST BRING THAT PENDULUM INTO PANEL AND BAM)... though I feel her strength photo-wise means she could get top 3 as long as Molly and Kasia doesn't and Molly keeps up her stinky attitude.

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