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America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 8 Recap

So before I begin my recap, I just want to share what a phenomenal weekend it has been- getting ANTM fever for this upcoming trash photoshoot so I decided to share my love for my top three fav girls Hannah, Jaclyn and Brit (who only just accepted my friend request) and WOW- very excited for a reply and a super cool fansign from Hannah (gives me shivers every time I see it)! I'm such a fanboy ahahahhahah! DEFINITELY ROOTING FOR YOU TWO THIS EPISODE.

So this week on ANTM... starts off with Brittani and Alexandria making up as Brittani apologises for exploding last week. Molly still thinks Alexandria's being fake. The girls arrive at a gallery where they meet Tyra (Jaclyn said after panel they went... does that mean they went straight there, because that is one hectic schedule). Here Tyra is teaching the girls how to put together a portfolio.

What I'm very interested in is how many strong photos each girl has which has been included in their portfolio:

Kasia 4
Jaclyn 7 (WOW that's EVERY picture. How has she only got 1 first call out?)
Molly 5
Brittani 5 (just 5?)
Hannah ?!?!?! HOW MANY!?
Alexandria (5- from background shots)

Tyra reveals that in their portfolios will be the international destination that they will be going- each one has a letter and they go crazy for word scramble. They find out that they're going to MOROCCO!!! I always like the exotic locations though they've been going to very high profile fashion locations I'd really like to see what they do in Morocco.

Warning them before she leaves, Tyra says that go-sees will weigh heavily on "who will go home and who will go to Morocco. I only have 5 seats on the plane."

The next day, Kyle Hagers from IMG Models tells the girls about go-sees. They will have 4 hours to get to 4 different castings. The top three who get to Lana Marks will get to have a bonus go-see with her. Each go-see represents a different archetype: athletic, bombshell, girl next door and couture. They get their own driver (HEY, Alexandria has a car, let her drive- since their drivers can't give directions anyway...).

Alexandria arrives first at Frankie B's, the closest of four go-sees and the person there goes "a little butt kissing never hurts anybody" haha! All the girls who got there booked the job, apart from Molly who turned up and left.

The girl next door go-see was a house casting and the girls needed to memorise a few lines. Molly was not friendly enough. Alexandria, Hannah and Jaclyn booked a job here despite Jaclyn's Southern accent.

At the athletic casting, Molly did not bring athletic clothes but impressed the guy there. Alexandria is lost outside, but seeing Molly leave, points her in the right direction. Alexandria was asked to change into a swimsuit, so she does so outside by her car- the driver going "Oh my God".

As time is running out, Britanni plays safe and returns to Lana Marks. So does Jaclyn. Quote (in Southern accent: "it's better to be safe than sorry") I SAY THAT. GO JAC. Hannah and Kasia also return. Alexandria is pushing the last one, but decides to go back. Molly returns with nine minutes to spare, then hopes that Alexandria doesn't return. With 30 seconds to spare, Alexandria casually walks in with no urgency whatsoever. Pah!

Overall jobs booked/attended:
Kasia 2/4
Jaclyn 2/2
Molly 2/4
Brittani 2/2
Hannah 2/3
Alexandria 4/4

Molly, Alexandria and Kasia get to go on an additional go-see with Lana Marks. WHAT. THE. HELL. NO WORDS. The girl that impresses her the most will get to star in an international clothing campaign, get a gift bag from the designers and also win a replica of Angelina Jolie's Oscar clutch bag. Lana Marks picks Alexandria, criticising Molly for not being poised whilst sitting down.

The girls get Tyra mail which reads "A modelling career is a terrible thing to waste". The girls will be completing their next photoshoot here, wearing Michael Cinco's eco-friendly couture.

Nigel criticises Kasia for her facial range (finally, someone had to say it!). Jaclyn did not do amazing relaxing her face, but was praised for personality. Hannah's first half was a bit awkward but got good shots towards the end. Alexandria did amazingly well with her ladder. Molly got good shots but Nigel criticised her attitude on set and her complaining. Brittani got great feedback after she started crawling about on the floor.

At panel, Alexandria got great feedback (hell, that Lana Marks is on the panel- BIAS in her favour) and her photo was praised as well - I didn't like it that much. Lana Marks was a cow on Jaclyn missing a go-see and Jaclyn's photo wasn't the best, which I agree but it's still good.


Molly was critiqued for her appearance and attitude off camera and how Lana Marks would've picked her if she looked more modelesque when not being judged. Tyra reminds her that they're being watched all the time, and is she promoting fakeness?!

Kasia was praised by Lana (this woman can't dish critique) but Tyra thought she was a bit stuck. Hannah has a stunning shot. Brittani was asked how she felt after last week's drama and Brittani wisely apologised. Tyra accepts her apology and praises her shot, advising her though not to strain.

At deliberation all the girls were praised but also criticised in a way that you don't know who will stay and who will go. For sure, Alexandria will get first call out for booking all the go-sees and getting a good shot. I have a feeling Kasia and Jaclyn will be in the bottom, although Molly has a chance of being there for her attitudes off camera.

So who is going to Morocco? The first girl called is...

Alexandria (OVERRATED), followed by Hannah and Kasia. WHAT? WHERE IS BRITTANI? HERE she is... Brittani is called fourth, leaving Jaclyn and Molly in the bottom two. D: Jaclyn is praised for her personality and booking 100% of her go-sees but criticised for only getting to two, whilst Molly was praised for getting to all four, but criticised for booking just 2 due to her personality, Tyra going "I do not like your personality". I have a feeling because it is so neck and neck it could possibly be a NON elimination, otherwise Molly gets sent home as personality always wins. BUT OH NO WAIT, they go and send sweet Jaclyn home?!?!

ITS THAT LANA MARKS WOMAN. She likes Molly. She voted for Molly to stay. JAC booked ALL HER GO-SEES. Molly booked 2 and has an attitude problem. Go figure.

Is this a joke? Tyra, please tell me its a joke and say "JACLYN YOU'RE GOING TO MOROCCO!!!"

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Jaclyn's portfolio - EVERY SHOT WAS CHOSEN- Molly?! noo!!! I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS AT ALL. I am grieving. Wearing Black.


Top Three:
1. Hannah
2. Brittani
3. Jaclyn- I'm not going to replace her because she still deserves to be in the competition.

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