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America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 7 Recap

Having seen the preview for this episode, I am eager to see Brittani dig into Alexandria and my wishes were fulfilled immediately as Brittani talks about her excitement in being called first, but her anger that Alexandria was not sent home. 

The girls get home to more banter about Alexandria and a montage plays of her weekly annoyances- I DID SAY SHE WOULD DO SOMETHING ANNOYING EACH EPISODE!! Thanks ANTM for that! 

The girls' first challenge is to shoot for Ford Warriors in Pink Breast Cancer Awareness where they style themselves and the winner will star in a national ad campaign for this cause.

When asked what she was thinking on the shoot (looking sweet with boxing gloves), Jaclyn responds: "How I wanna beat the crap out of breast cancer"- why don't I believe her? Aww

When asked the same question, Brittani said "she doesn't think when she looks at the camera". WRONG ANSWER. Don't you WATCH ANTM? They always want you to be inspired on set. 

I liked Alexandria's outfit and her symbol "the tree of love"- the simple inclusion of soil was really good, compared to the clunky swords/spears some other girls had. I thought she did a great job.

When Nigel was giving feedback to Hannah and said she wasn't memorable, her confessional response was that she's "freakin' right here and she doesn't accept that at all"- SHE LOOKED STONED. Poor Hannah.

In the end, the winner was Alexandria (well deserved imo). When it was announced, Brittani mouthing "WOW" needs to be a gif. :W Not only does Alexandria win a National ad campaign, she also wins a Ford Car. WHAT. That is insane! 

This is where the intense Brittani rant begins when she talks about her with the other girls. Alexandria butts in by telling her she could hear what they're saying to which Brittani yells. I thought Alexandria's calmness worked to her advantage making Brittani seem like the wrong person. I was surprised Nigel didn't say anything on set- just watched on...

I thought Brittani was overly bitter at the whole thing, and at that, I'm starting to like Alexandria more and more (I always seem to support the underdogs). We shall see how things turn out at panel as we know Brittani walks out.

All the girls give Alexandria the silent treatment when she comes home from the shoot. No sign of Hannah though.

The girls go off on a trip to Universal Studios which is also where they're going to do their shoot about how crazy they are for fashion. Styled by Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman, Jay asks them to push through and be as crazy as they like and the further they go with it, the better. Each girl is going to be given a theme, as follows:

Molly- Crazy for Accessories
Her poses and faces were awkward but the shot where she bites the ring is amazing and was her final shot. 

Brittani- Crazy for Shoes
I thought her attitude was amazing on set, she was playful. She probably knew her outburst was going to cost her, so hopefully her comments and photo will save her from Tyra wrath. 

Hannah- Crazy for Handbags
Before she was shot, a clip of her saying how it was important for her to be "remembered" gave me a chill that she could be eliminated. She did have two first call-outs so hopefully she doesn't, but you never know with the judges. This is further propelled by the fact that her shoot did not go well. She was totally crazy. What happened to just posing with the bags and looking crazy? Hannah. I shed a tear for you as I anticipate your departure. You are one of the most beautiful girls EVER to come through ANTM. 

Jaclyn- Crazy for Make Up
Whilst one of my fav did terrible, another steps up her game to look SUPER stunning. Jaclyn's theme was uber-high fashion. I love the super big lips and the couture, arched back. 

Kasia- Crazy for Hair
Kasia is likeable but she keeps having this pout all the time and I'm surprised she hasn't been critiqued more for having the same face.

Alexandria- Crazy for Faux Fur
She was just posing to begin with but when she started screaming, she didn't forget she was a model. When she retracted her neck, opened her eyes and smized, that must've been a winning shot. 

Mikaela- Crazy for Sales 
There was quite a lot of props for her, but in the end she found throwing it pleased Jay. I thought it could be a good shot, but I'd love for her to go instead of Hannah. PLEASE. Given she was the only other girl with a bad shoot.

Back at the house, Brittani keeps her bitch on by targetting Alexandria and mentions how she feels bad for flipping out on set in front of Nigel, and hopes she doesn't flip out in front of panel if Alexandria stays.

It's panel time and the excitement is raging. Hannah is called first and the judges loved her photo (YESS) but her film was a mess. Jaclyn's photo was HOOOTT. This is how to do ugly pretty. Nigel called this the best shot he's seen of her, and Tyra praised her for doing it in every frame. FIRST CALL OUT ANYONE? Mikaela was critiqued for not being crazy enough (funny given she thought she was being too crazy)- GOING HOME. 

Alexandria's turn. Her photo was very high fashion but it wasn't crazy enough for the judges. Nigel then brings up the exchange between Alexandria and Brittani, to which Brittani tries to defend herself and cries a river. Nigel and Tyra both reprimand her for her lack of professionalism. Brittani says that she did not think Nigel chose the wrong person and that the judges don't see the real her that they do inside the house, only to be reminded that what someone does at home stays at home. Brittani's argument that she thought Alexandria was not a good role model bit her in the bum as her outrage on set and her jealousy revealed the same in her. Nigel comments that in trying to reveal the truth about Alexandria in the way that Brittani did, his perception of Brittani has now also changed. Brittani walks out as she has a panic attack. Andre feels bad for Alexandria and tells her to put a smile on her face.

Brittani returns to have her photo critiqued. Again, it is a beautiful shot but the judges do not see enough crazy. Personally, I thought her film was STUNNING and the choice in picking this image was a mistake as I'm sure there were better ones in there.

During deliberation, Eric Daman says Jaclyn's shot may have been the best of the day, the judges liked Hannah's shot as it was quite 'Alice in Wonderland', Kasia was praised for her attitude on set. Alexandria's photo did not impress the judges but Andre thought she handled herself at panel well and she retained her dignity. The judges like Brittani's potential to model but question her character and whether she would learn from her lesson today. Nigel hopes she can but thankfully Eric Daman puts in a good word for her by saying that by returning and standing in front of the judges even with her panic attack, it shows something.

It cuts to backstage and Alexandria confronts everyone by saying how they should've come to her first, which I think is the right thing to do, and asks if any of the girls have a problem with her now. Alexandria is clearly socially aware as she tells the other girls to be honest with her instead of putting on a facade of kindness when they all want her to go home, ending with "I could've stopped talking to you a long time ago". Brittani storms out. Girl, if you want to stay in this competition, LEARN. Keep your mouth shut.

Back to deliberation, Nigel thinks that Brittani can be moulded. Tyra, for the first time ever, reveals how they vote for the girl to stay or go, and that in a previous cycle, she was outvoted in keeping Toccara in the competition. Now, Andre, Nigel and Eric voted for Alexandria to stay, but Tyra disagrees. WOW.

In the end, the first girl called is... 

JACLYN. YES YES YESS!!!! She is followed by Molly and Hannah. Alexandria is called fifth, leaving Brittani and Mikaela in the bottom two. Tyra explains how voting works to the girls and reveals that she was out-voted, to which Molly looked stunned. Upon calling Brittani's name, Tyra also reveals she was disappointed in how the other judges voted (as Tyra votes last) and that had it been just her decision, Mikaela would've stayed

WOW this was one intense episode. I still have faith in Brittani to keep her mouth shut, but I am sure drama is not close to ceasing. Brittani's name in Tyra's books will certainly be marred so she will have to up her game in order to stay.

Top Three:
1. Jaclyn
2. Hannah
3. Brittani

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