Saturday, 2 April 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 6 Recap

Finally managed to catch up this week's ANTM (was away last week)!

The girls return home to be taught by Tyra about their modelling archetypes, how to deal with fame, fans, sign autographs and about having a thick skin. When asked about fame, Jaclyn talks about how she'd like to have little kids look up to her etc etc. and Hannah finds it crazy that she could have a fan-base (I'M A FAN!!) 

Molly has her weave taken out- surprised not a big deal was made of it- quickly turning to Monique about how she is annoyed she didn't get best photo and talking about her home town. This editing is clearing showing her either getting eliminated or getting first call out... hmm...

For their challenge, the girls will be tested on how well they deal with fans and how they sign their autographs (weird challenge) but a weird guy goes up to Monique (who couldn't be bothered to greet the fans) and flirts with her, asking her to sign an autograph to James, a great kisser. Monique says she wouldn't do it, but Alexandria would. I thought Alexandria handled it really well by giving him a kiss on a cheek instead. 

The winner of the challenge gets to go to dinner with Miss Jay, and the winner is Kasia, who picked Brittani and Jaclyn to go with her. The losers have to clean up the mess. Monique did not want to do it and the scene where she brings toilet roll and chucks it on the floor needs to be a gif.

The girls get Tyra Mail which reads "Oh the tangled webs we weave" to which the girls think there will be spiders involved. Jaclyn is really sweet and goes and talks to Monique and asks her if anything is wrong. Though, I think Monique must have broken some sort of record for the most amount of swearing in one ep!

For their photoshoot, the girls split up into groups of four, blondes and brunettes, and will be wearing just mud. Jay reminds them that the photo needs to be artistic, not sexy.

Blondes- Alexandria, Kasia, Hannah, Molly
Hannah stole every shot- she looked amazing but Alexandria and Molly were not as involved at the beginning. Alexandria mentioned something about Molly's hand which Jay instantly picks up on as her trying to redirect. Alexandria is then worried he will pass it to Tyra and get her eliminated.

Brunnetes- Jaclyn, Brittani, Mikaela, Monique
Jaclyn was a bit stuck to begin with, Monique looked bored, Britanni looked stunning, though she wasn't as involved in with the rest of the girls. The photographer stopped to take an individual shot of Brittani even though this was a group shot, so how much did Brittani rock it!

From the shoot and challenge, I have a feeling Monique and Mikaela being in the bottom two, with Monique eliminated (but will Alexandria be eliminated for her conduct during the shoot?) When the girls are talking about eimination, Brittani is seen eating crisps (GIF PLEASE!) previously she was caught chomping on jelly :D so cute!

At panel, Brittani is called "the star", despite an amputee left leg; Jaclyn was praised for her face; Monique was praised for her face, but criticised for being "in the middle" and could've slouched a bit more whilst Mikaela was criticised for not having powerful eyes in every shot.

For the blondes, Hannah was praised for her face (with Monique rolling her eyes- GIF THAT) but could've had more body language (Tyra, you watched her film right!??), Molly and Kasia were both praised; Alexandria was criticised for her inconsistency but praised for her final shot, with no mention of her "directing at the shoot". 

At deliberation, Nigel comments how taking Monique out of the picture would have no effect which is a problem, and Alexandria was criticised for her dress at panel. I'm guessing that Mikaela will go home.

So who goes home? The first girl called is...

Brittani, followed by Kasia and Molly. Notice how Monique is making all these horrible faces (making me actually think she might be sent home for, even though her photo was ok). In the bottom two are Monique and Mikaela. I feel like Monique has so much more personality and potential so hopefully she stays!! In the end, Monique is sent HOME but coasting in the middle.

My Top Three:
1) Jaclyn
2) Brittani
3) Hannah

WOW. Next week's episode is so intense. Brittani and Alexandria fight on set with Nigel looking on which is brought to panel where Brittani is seen crying and walks off- WILL SHE BE SENT HOME? Surely her top performance will save her... I can't wait!!!!

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