Saturday, 2 April 2011

A2 Biology Field Trip

So I was away last Tuesday to Friday on a Biology field trip to Wales, where I completed a part of my coursework and to learn about the ecology side of the course. Took us six hours to get there (played lots of Pokemon Black so it was fine) and started the field work straight away.

Tuesday and Wednesday was spent learning about the rocky shore, about organisms and different fieldwork methods and statistical tests. Unfortunately I had to miss the Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour at the O2 for this trip, so I just blasted Speak Now in my room on Wednesday Night- hey, I'll bring the concert to myself! 

My coursework involved counting dog whelks (a white mollusc) at different heights on the rocky shore which was somewhat fun, though the best part was poking (gently :P) at the sea anemone and having their tentacles stick to your fingers... it was fascinating how many different species of seaweed exist on the shore, you really wouldn't have thought there could be so many!

The tutor there was really fantastic at ecology and he knew so much, it was really inspiring, he did make it interesting- definitely better than our teachers at school (hopefully they don't come across my blog EVER) but he made ecology very very interesting; this was exactly what I wanted to do when I was younger- well... too late to change my degree?

Overall, it was better than expected, though still bummed I missed the Speak Now concert. Atleast I got to play like 20 hours of Pokemon on the trip haha...

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! :) Shame you missed Taylor Swift though... I also missed her at the Odyssey, as I had a family party :( Rather have went to see her! :) lol

    - Jen xox


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