Sunday, 13 March 2011

Just Go With It Film Review

I've liked Jennifer Aniston but her recent roles have been really quite superficial and shallow, not allowing her to show her true potential. In Just Go With It', it appears she got her mojo back, being paired with real life good friend Adam Sandler for this typical rom-com  

Plastic Surgeon Danny (Adam Sandler) uses a wedding ring to get girls, but he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a girl he thinks could be "the one".When she discovers his wedding ring, he tells her he is getting a divorce. As Palmer is insistent on meeting her, Danny manipulates assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his wife, dragging her two children Maggie and Michael (Bailee Madison, Griffin Gruck) along for the ride.

Taking advantage of Danny's wealth, the whole gang take a trip to Hawaii, so that the children can spend time with their "dad". Coincidentally, Katherine bumps into old time rival Devlin (Nicole Kidman) and trying to impress her, claims Danny is her loving husband. Both Katherine and Danny play their part in order to get what they want, but can they keep the truth from coming out?

With a rom com like this, it is of course extremely predictable, but what you didn't expect was just how nice this supposed love rival Palmer is. Her sincerity kind of throws you off a bit, until her dumbness kicks in and she just seems to be passive in everything that happens, only once suspecting something was wrong. 

That isn't to say there isn't any kinks on the way, which is provided by Devlin, throwing in a cliched dance off- Hula style. This scene was one of the actually funny scenes, another being the first lunch Palmer has with Katherine, and Danny's "barking hand" made me laugh out loud. I thought a lot of the dialogue was quite witty and the pop culture references were relevant and modern, a few lines reminiscent of FRIENDS script.

Unfortunately, this type of rom com also provides cheesy and cringing moments- I mean, this IS an Adam Sandler movie so it can't come without it. I did not like the scene where the kid runs into Danny's crotch- it was utterly unnecessary and would only be funny for the most immature of people.

The ending was again predictable but thought it ended rather quite well, if a little too easy.

Adam Sandler- Danny
Jennifer Aniston- Katherine
Nicole Kidman- Devlin
Brooklyn Decker- Palmer
Nick Swardson- Eddie
Bailee Madison- Maggie
Griffin Gluck- Michael

Adam Sandler usually annoys the hell out of me, but he is bearable in this movie, playing a real douchebag (his typical role) with a less whiny voice this time round. I don't see the chemistry between him and Jennifer Aniston at all, which aids the first half of the movie, but towards the end, you really question how much of a match they are.

Brooklyn Decker's character Palmer is as I mentioned, far too nice, though a bit clueless towards the end. I was really rooting for her strength in character when she declared she doesn't date married men etc, but she just became rather passive. Nicole Kidman on the other hand was rather wasted on this movie. She played the role with class, but it didn't allow her to shine or anything- so just a bit of money in the pocket for her then!

Of the two children, Maggie (Bailee Madison) was the one who shined, making me laugh a few times with her references and her accents. Usually the children don't do much in these rom coms but here, she does manage to make an impact!

'Just Go With It' uses the successful rom com formula to create an enjoyable movie with some laugh out loud moments, combining typical elements with a humorous and witty script. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler (both comic actors) does their thing well, even if they lack on screen chemistry- they look like good friends- just not lovers. Whilst it follows a linear plot line, there is enough here for everyone to enjoy.

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