Monday, 28 March 2011

Cute Animals: Baby Opossums


Cute Opossums! Also known as possums... they are like a cross between a rat and a bunch of other animals- their fur looks spiky like a hedgehog :S I don't know much about them but they look quite scary in some of the other pictures I found... 

I think the best part about these critters is that they have a really sweet pink nose! What do you think?

Check out more images below:


  1. Yes, as babies they are VERY cute but things change when they get older. I live in Louisiana so these guys are as common as dogs and cats. Ashave adults these guys are very mean, smelly, and aren't NEARLY as cute as these photos tell. Funny enough, right before I typed this I ripped the nose off of my opossum skull that I've been bleaching and macerating. Later! Ashlyn Durio

  2. Opossums are one of my favorite animals! If you have an opossum in your yard, it's one of the best things because their presence will keep away skunks, raccoon and other animals that might be considered as pests. Interesting fact; opossums are North America's only known marsupial. Also, adult opossums ARE cute! And most wild animals could be perceived as mean if you bother them. XP


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