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America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 5 Recap

It's ANTM time! Dalya is quick to comment (or boast) that she has modelled since she was 16 and that she has already experienced New York Fashion Week. WHY ARE YOU HERE THEN! Alexandria comments how she was misunderstood last panel with her bossiness- yeah right- though these TV shows do manipulate with editing so she probably is just a nice person but seriously, get your act together and be the bitch, you'll last longer this way.

So the girls get Tyra Mail which reads "every good lesson starts with a good foundation", obviously a make up challenge, which Alexandria quickly points out. She then freaks out over a towel to which Hannah confronts her in her sweet cute voice and then the other girls group together to talk about her. One of the girls point out that everyone probably talks about her in their confessionsals to which a montage of clips play out with all of the girls ratting on Alexandria with the diagnosis being that she is obnoxious, controlling, bi polar and have severe psychological issues.

Mikaela says the funniest line "let that ship sink" which is such a GIF MOMENT. As is Brittani chomping on what looks like Jelly.

They arrive at their challenge location to which Jay says to them "a contract with Covergirl solidifies them as a top model"- NO- it doesn't. Vogue Italia does. 

The girls split off into three groups of three where one will direct, one will write and one will present the Covergirl products, with the winning team's presentation posted on

Group 1 "Night Red Carpet"-Kasia (writer), Mikaela (talent), Brittani (director)
Mikaela was the talent though when she messed up, she kept swearing which wouldn't go down very well, but overall, the script was good. 

Group 2 "Bold Colourful Eyes"- Dalya (talent), Jaclyn (writer), Hannah (director)
I like their story behind it about alluring with their eyes, which Tyra would love. They didn't write a script as they tried to make it conversational, but as Dalya's the talent, it just didn't work. Had it been Hannah or Jaclyn, they would've rocked it. Dalya was dead vocally and she didn't look in the camera or sell the product. Way to ruin the win for sweet Jac and Han!

Group 3 "Daytime/Casual"- Molly, Alexandria, Monique
They just kept fighting which was hilarious as Alexandria appears all innocent and defensive with the other two quite confrontational... seriously, her attitude needs to be picked up on again! Another GIF moment from Molly when she shoots herself. Love it.

When Monique tries to steer it back on course, Alexandria goes "but I'm the talent" to which the ANTM "boom" jingle plays- LOOOOL

Their actual commercial was good despite Alexandria being a bit difficult and Brittani claims she went "action" a few times. Monique was a good director as Jay pointed out "calm even when dealing with difficult talent". 

In the end, the winning group was Group 1 which was OK. I'm glad Brittani is in the winning team. The other girls comment on how they want panel to pick up on Alexandria's attitude and send her home haha.

Monique decides to look in Alexandria's diary to see what she thought of the other girls whilst Alexandria's on the phone with her boyfriend, crying her eyes out. Funny when Molly and Monique are in the confessional, they tagged them as "co-conspirators". Alexandria didn't find out though... :( BOO

For their photo shoot, the girls attend the old L.A. zoo, wearing Rachel Zoe faux fur and posing with a baby jaguar.

Hannah looked phenomenal (a bit like Taylor Momsen) but liked her inspiration of being the mama jaguar. I didn't like Brittani's frazzled hair but she did good. Kasia did bad as did Dalya. As Monique didn't like cats, she was lucky he was tired when it was her go- she goes "it's bed time, perfect!" :3 This girl is rising on the like-o-meter. Alexandria was a bit soft and uninspiring to begin with(and kept saying thank you to Jay's critique- girl, just be a cow), but when she started barking and purring, the magic happened and she probably had the most original shot.

From the shoot, I think Dalya's going home.

At panel, Jaclyn is praised for her fierceness. I didn't notice this before, but thanks to Tyra, points out her left hand is in an odd place- LOL! Brittani looks stunning in her photo and does not look like her. Alexandria was praised for her experimental energy but the shot was not high fashion. Hannah's photo was stunning and all the judges loved it (ME TOO- first call out!!) Everyone else was blah...

During the judges deliberation, Tyra goes at Alexandria's photo "when a girl does ugly pretty, you need it to be editorial, but this is just ugly pretty" Haha! Love the honesty Ty! 

After panel, I predict Hannah will get first call out and in the bottom will be Molly and Dalya. So who goes home?

The first girl called is... 

HANNAH! YES YES YES!!! She is followed by Brittani and Jaclyn. HELL YES, by top three are top three! I think this is the first time that has happened :) VERY happy. In the bottom two are Molly and Dalya (yay I'm right again) but I can't decide who will go home. I have a feeling Dalya will go home as she got more screen time this week (usually a good indication of who goes) with Molly to stay to fix that hair. In the end, Molly stays!!

My Top Three:
1) Jaclyn
2) Hannah
3) Brittani

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  1. and yes, i love brittani too. In the jaguar photo , she looks stunning. I feel a noble woman's vision in her photo. She looks kinda an asian rich young lady from 1960s (check out hk drama)


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