Thursday, 17 March 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 4 Recap

So this is the "hot" fiery episode where the models will be walking with their hands on fire! Excitttingg!! But of course Molly needs to get her hair sorted out. Before that though, the girls talk about how they don't think Alexandria should've got top photo (AMEN!), Alexandria comments on how she will go to New York whether or not she gets IMG- arrogant cow.

The girls get Tyra Mail which reads "If you don't watch your step, your career will go up in flames", to which Jaclyn thinks they're going to a fire station and will see the firemen. LOL cute Jaclyn! This is of course their runway challenge. The girls will be wearing designs by Geoffrey Mac (he designs for Lady Gaga), walk on a runway on fire, as well as having their hands on fire. So Molly's weave gets taken out but not yet redone :( 

As the runway is lit up, all the girls freak out (allowing them to edit it and make it look like something crazy will happen) which of course doesn't. No dresses on fire. No 3rd degree burns. NOTHING.

They kind of whizzed through all the walks but the clear stand out was Brittani looked sooo stunning with the dark hair and the fire- FIERCE is the only word to describe it. Maybe it's just her makeover but WOW. Sara did terrible though. Everyone else was average.

In the end, Dalya won the challenge and will win two dresses from the spring collection. The three girls Miss Jay thought walked the worst (Hannah, Sara and Kasia) have to walk home! I loved how they took it seriously and had fun walking home :D

This week, the girls do a commercial trying to make coffee sexy. The girls get paired up for the commercial. 

Alexandria and Brittani were a pair and here is where Alexandria does her weekly thing to piss people off. As Jay puts it, she is doing everyone's job- directing, checking lights (WTH!) and fixing Brittani's make up... this girl needs to GO!

I thought Kasia was very natural, but she looked down quite a lot. Alexandria did well (urgh!), Hannah looked phenomenal but there weren't many stand outs. OH WAIT. Alexandria does this evil smirk when Sara's doing her commercial, which was pretty terrible, but I thought she looked very pretty- well as pretty as she can look.

At panel, Jaclyn and Kasia got great feedback, Alexandria was criticised for being too sexy and bossy, Brittani disappointed Tyra but has potential, whilst Sara was criticised for being uncomfortable. So in the end, I think Sara may be going home, with Alexandria in the bottom two as a "wake up call" to her arrogance. Kasia will obviously get first call out.

The first girl called is...

KASIA! Followed by Hannah (woo!) and Jaclyn (YAY!). In the end, Alexandria and Sara are in the bottom two (wow I got it right for once!). Sara was criticised for a lack of commitment and confidence, whilst Alexandria is criticised for her attitude, but "confidence wins" and Sara was sent home. Tyra warns her it will be the last time, to which Alexandria responds "it will never happen again" which was subtitled LOL.

My Top Three:
1) Jaclyn
2) Brittani
3) Hannah

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