Thursday, 10 March 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 3 Recap

It's makeover week! The girls get surprised by a big "pull me" cord back at the house, which when pulled, revealed the makeovers that will take place but not who will get what. The girls go to guessing who will get what and get uber-excited. Sara thinks she will get the "manly short red spikes", whilst Monique does not want to be the "dutch boy"; Jaclyn does not want blonde hair and Brittani really wants the red hair.

In the end, it was Brittany who got the short Dutch Boy look, which was more "cleopatra" to me... Miss Jay tells Jaclyn that "when she leaves the chair, there will be a razor back there" ... Jaclyn freaks out then Miss Jay shouts PSYCHE- LOOOL sneaky. 

OK, Monique is really annoying as she gets the hair that she wants and complains about being sexy, I thought it was just Alexandria. OH WAIT- Alexandria complains that her hair extensions are wrong and that she knows what they're meant to look like. Seriously girl, you're in the hands of a professional, shut up! Every episode she does something super annoying and it doesn't seem to let up! Aww @ Jaclyn saying how she wanted to just go and yell at her. sooo sweet! Stupid Alexandria then "loves" her hair after it's done. Puh-lease.

Molly's hair is a disaster as you can see where the weave is sown into her hair- which needed to get fixed. She is such a strong competitor I hope she can get past the hair! 

For the girls' photoshoot this week, the girls will be posing in groups and wearing couture gowns. Whilst the Tyra mail said something about photosynthesis, the only relevance to this is the trees in the background.

Kasia and Molly did a good job, both looked stunning. Alexandria and Monique get paired up and their personalities crash- so funny- Alexandria keeps trying to tell Monique what to do- Is it just me or does Alexandria sound neurotic and somewhat mentally ill? 

Hannah and Brittani look stunning, though their film showed that they seemed to struggle, but I thought they looked amazing!! Dalya, Jaclyn and Dominique are the last three. Jaclyn looks stunning, but Dominique is just not fitting into the shot and Jay criticises her for not being inspired. She says "I'm inspired by a lot of things, like *shrugs*" LOOL!  

From the shoot alone, I think Dominique and Monique will be in the bottom, with Monique being sent home. 

At panel, Alexandria is criticised by Lori Goldstein for being a diva (SO glad she brought that up!). Hannah and Brittani got great feedback. Brittani looks STUNNING- her eyes sparkle against the dark hair. She is insanely edge. I loved Hannah's shape in the photo and the arm- best photo!!! Jaclyn looks phenomenal- absolutely stunning and soo sweet in her shot! The worst shot is of Mikaela and Sara. Kasia and Molly both got great feedback, though I didn't think the photo was the best one.

After deliberation, I am pretty sure Mikaela and Dominique will be in the bottom, but who will be first called? So many standouts this week that the judges liked, but I think the first girl called will be Molly- she did look fearless.

So... the first girl called is... 

ALEXANDRIA. WHAT. THE. HELL. She was followed by Molly and Brittani. This is totally wrong. Molly should've been called FIRST. NOT HAPPY. In the bottom two are surprisingly Dominique and Sara. This is a pretty obvious choice. Dominique will be eliminated given Sara has so much more potential. Bye Bye Dominique! 

Top Three:
1. Jaclyn
2. Hannah
3. Brittani

NEXT WEEK the girls do runway with their hands on FIRE- judging by the preview some dramatic thing happens! Fingers crossed for burning dresses and crazy models.

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