Thursday, 3 March 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 2 Recap

The first thing the girls get taught this week (by Tyra) is about "cheaties", indulgent foods that can still be healthy... the girls get blindfolded and tastes two foods and have to guess which is healthier blah blah blah. This isn't "Eat Yourself Thin", this is ANTM so thankfully within minutes of this ending, a conflict starts between Dalya and Alexandria. 

Raw chicken is found unwrapped in the refrigerator and Alexandria freaks out over the confrontation. She overreacts and is uber-defensive "I know how to cook" blah blah. Shut up and wrap your chicken! Meanwhilst, cute little Jaclyn just sits back and watch. She says "I am scared to get in a conflict with Alexandria- she can kick my butt" XD. 

Now I hate Alexandria. She manages to do something in each episode to annoy me. Last episode was her arrogance in teaching Jaclyn how to walk, and this ep, it's the chicken. I wonder how she'll do it next ep! Or better yet, get eliminated.

Oh, I forgot this, but earlier on, Ondrei reveals how her two brothers died several months before the competition and Dominique questions her "handling" of emotions. Given the preview of this ep and how one girl may or may not go home, I'm guessing it may be Ondrei!

The girls' get taken to some theatre and their challenge is to face their inner critic in order to (in Nigel's words) build an intimate relationship with the camera. So they have an easel each and they draw their inner critic then they will have to face their inner critic by being strong against the attacking Mr Buica (some Hollywood acting person)...

They only showed a few girls. Jaclyn was so cute and sweet, whilst Ondrei was really emotional... Each girl gets a pair of earrings as a prize. Seems like this cycle they're being generous with their prizes!! When Ondrei gets home, she calls her boyfriend and wonders if she should stay in the competition- Eek!!

The photoshoot this week will feature bees attracted to pheromone covered jewellery, so it will be a close up beauty shot. Most of the girls get good feedback, apart from Nicole and her sleepy eyes; Ondrei and her lack of presence and Dominique. Hannah and Brittani got complimented by Jay.

Monique is being quite the cow this episode, saying how she thought Hannah was a mess for crying and that Ondrei should go home. 

At panel, Ondrei is called first and she tells the judges she wishes to go home (SO sad, given she was commended on looking spot on with her outfit) which changes panel as follows. If Ondrei's photo is the worst, there will be no elimination, but if not, there will be another girl eliminated as well as Ondrei going home. This has never been explained before like this, so it makes you quite nervous to see what happens!!!!

I really like Hannah's photo with the tears as there is so much emotion in the picture, Brittani's curved back, Molly's agape mouth and Jaclyn's profile (hands shouldn't cover the earrings- you're trying to sell them!) I really didn't like Dominique's picture, her facial structure is so off, it's like she has a massive head! 

At deliberation, the judges loved Monique and Hannah's photos, but didn't like Dalya (Nigel called her a potential mistake) and thought Nicole photographed too old. So I think Monique and Hannah for first call out with NO elimination, given they thought Ondrei's picture screamed nervousness and fear.

For the first time EVER, Tyra goes "12 Beautiful girls stand before me, and WHO KNOWS how many photos I have in my hand..." Bahahhahaha!!! So first girled called is...

HANNAH!! WOO!!! She is followed by Brittani and Monique. In the bottom two are Dalya and Nicole. Nicole is critiqued for looking like a teenager's auntie in her photo but a teenager in person. OH WAIT then there's ONDREI's picture. Tyra announces that Ondrei's isn't the worst photo (SOO NERVERACKING) and Nicole is sent home.

Top three:
1. Jaclyn
2. Hannah
3. Brittani since Ondrei's gone!

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