Saturday, 12 February 2011

Fullerian 2011 Cover

 Cover Design [CLICK TO ENLARGE]

The high school I currently attend has an annual magazine called the Fullerian and a piece of my work has been selected to be on the cover and it has finally been published! I am extremely proud of the result and love the depth that is shown. It really draws you in and hopefully shows people the many forms art could take.

About the Cover Design
When asked to produce the cover design of the Fullerian, I was challenged with filling a flat space opposed to a three dimensional space in which I’m more used to working with. Having viewed the most recent editions of the Fullerian, I noticed that colour was very limited on the covers which I feel could be used to greater effect. So my task was finding a suitable three dimensional piece to put on a two dimensional space and combined with an element of colour, could be photographed for the cover. 

Created using a craft knife and simple paper manipulation, the construction of this sculpture is surprisingly simple. Firstly, I organised a stack of coloured paper (about 30 sheets) varying the colours of each layer before each sheet in a symmetrical pattern. After each sheet, the diameter of the cut has to be gradually increased. The cut card is then layered in order of size before all the cut edges are finally folded backwards to reveal the explosion of colour behind. 

The design is inspired by an artist called Jen Stark who produces dynamic sculptures purely out of coloured card. Her work instantly draws you in due to the mass of colour; it is an exciting and playful use of the everyday material. The sculptures compose of exquisite features that would very rarely be associated with a plain piece of paper; the intricacy and depth that is formed makes you wonder how it’s made and question if it really is even paper at all. 

With this design, I wanted to instil the same curiosity in the viewer whilst drawing them away from the methods, materials and media of traditional art, exposing the fun and exciting outcomes that could take place in a more exploratory and contemporary form.

Top view of whole sculpture [CLICK TO ENLARGE]

UPDATE: Tweeted Jen Stark about this and extremely encouraged by her response! 

UPDATE: The Fullerian can be viewed on my school website~

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