Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Disney's Tangled Film Review

Having heard amazing things about this movie and the fact that it did phenomenally well at the US box office, this was one of those movies you had to see and it was definitely worthwhile.

Rapunzel was kidnapped and locked in a tower by a youth seeking wicked witch, Mother Gothel, for her magical youth giving hair. At the eve of her 18th birthday, a common thief Flynn Ryder, running away from palace guards having stolen the imperial tiara, stumbles upon the tower and seeks refuge within it, only to be knocked unconscious by the witty princess with her loyal weapon- the frying pan.

Having always dreamt of leaving the tower and seeing mysterious lights that appear on her birthday, she makes a deal with Flynn Ryder, who would take her to see these floating lights in exchange for the imperial tiara which she hid from him whilst he was knocked out. 

Experiencing freedom for the first time, Rapunzel discovers a whole new world of adventure, but with the imperial guards and Mother Gothel hot on their trail, both Flynn and Rapunzel will learn to discover who and what is most important in life.

The story is set within minutes of the film opening and the characterisation of Rapunzel begins immediately. I loved that this film returns to Disney's roots of song and whilst lyrically, they're not all perfect (some lines and rhymes sound quite forced), they are beautifully sung and add that much more power and emotion to the movie. Favourites include "When will my life begin" (the animation that goes with this is so funny), "Mother Knows best" and "I see the light".
Rapunzel's little chameleon friend was also highly developed. Again, A Disney classic- inclusion of very diverse animals. Pascal the chameleon turns to different colours in different situations and is just so dynamic. I loved his interaction with fruits at the very end- definitely memorable, cute and marketable for "The Disney Store"'s merchandiser.

I thought the movie was absolutely hilarious- I found myself laughing at every little thing... maybe I'm just hysterical but whatever it was, whether they looked funny or said something cringing, it just made me laugh. One of my favourite scenes was when Rapunzel is trying to shove Flynn into the cupboard. 

Whilst a few scenes were quite predictable- the part with the dam especially. How conveniently placed it is... and also when they're in the cave with seemingly no way out... oh wait... though one thing I did not expect was how Rapunzel came to the realisation she is actually the princess. THAT I did not expect- I thought that was the only part I didn't really like... it seems like a bit of a cop out to have that revealed to her so easily.

~~~3D or not?~~~
The 3D aspect makes it more realistic and there were a few absolutely beautiful scenes- I liked the dam bursting and the stunning scene with the lanterns. Those two stuck out to me as being done quite well. In the commercials and trailers, one of them had a football kicked at the audience and I actually YELPED, thinking it hit me- so THAT was definitely worth seeing in 3D... LOL.

Mandy Moore- Rapunzel
Zachary Levi- Flynn Ryder
Donna Murphy- Mother Gothel

Apart from being funny, the film also manages to move you. I found myself tearing up quite a few times- especially when she sees the lanterns (which is also a scene which is just so beautiful and imposing cinematically), and the slightly predictable ending also made my eyes water. Whilst a part of me wishes it wasn't so cliched (which would make the movie slightly more meaningful- sign of true love) but it wouldn't be Disney. In this way, Disney once again succeeds at engaging our emotions through film and this surely is the rebirth of Disney "princess" movies- with song. 

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