Friday, 18 February 2011

Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Music Video

Britney Spears' latest music video for lead single 'Hold It Against Me' for upcoming album 'Femme Fatale' has been released. 

In the video, Britney is seen to arrive by some meteoric event as if returning from Mars from her 'Oops I did it again' video location. A swarm of naked male dancers flaunt around her as they start to put on clothes and as Britney sprays her fragrance, Radiance whilst wearing branded make up. Other products in the video include dating website Plenty of fish and a heavily advertised SONY which crops up almost every ten seconds or so.

There are some beautiful artistic elements that can be found in the video such as the microphones which frame her face and from a sneak preview trailer of Britney punching someone in the face causing them to fall with legs flailing. This turned out to be a Britney duo and in essence, the video is about Britney fighting (?) herself or combatting her image. The TV screens surrounding Britney which show her music videos from the past are hugely iconic and also reflect this idea. 

Whilst this is quite a nice video with a good theme, I don't get how the song relates to this at all (someone enlighten me?) in terms of message or meaning, but the rhythm and the beat works well with the layered on punching noises (those fight scenes were so long - and hilarious - LOVE IT). 

There are also some very random scenes such as the paint squirting on the bridal dress and the initial rather vague comet sequence (so IS she descending from Mars?) though this is undoubtedly one of her best music videos. 

I am excited-ish for her new album, but hopefully the songs will be slightly less synthesised. Check out the music video below:

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