Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Britney Spears "Femme Fatale" Album Preview

Britney Spears has revealed the name of her seventh studio album to be "Femme Fatale" as well as posting a picture of the album cover on Twitter~

Apart from the recently revealed name, little much is known about this album apart from the fact it will be released in March. As of yet, no tracklist has been confirmed, though fans were recently treated to the release of lead single "Hold It Against Me".

The song is a big club song with some heavy beats. I like the pre-chorus part "This feels like paradise..." as it sounds like "Circus" which was an amazing song from her last album. I'm not a fan of this heavy bass and the unst unst unst but hopefully there will be tracks on the rest of the album which will appeal to me. That said, the song is doing phenomenally well due to Britney's large fan base, soaring to #1 on the iTunes chart and charts around the world.

The cover of her album is one of her best yet- simple and stylish, keeping in consistency with the single cover of "Hold it Against Me". Undeniably, she looks really pretty and soft. However, with an album title named "Femme Fatale", we can only expect some fierce and strong music to come through!

I am somewhat excited for this new era- hopefully it will be a good progression from "Circus" but not change so much that it isn't Britney anymore. From the look of things, she will descend into the depths of dance, but perhaps there will still be some good pop songs on the record. 

One thing I can be sure of is that whatever the music is like, Britney fans will jump on board to make this yet another financially successful venture. It will be difficult for other artists who's albums are coming out in March to fight for that top spot- such as Avril Lavigne's "Goodbye Lullaby". Let's hope the music will be deserving of her inevitable success!

  1. Till The World Ends [3:57]
  2. Hold It Against Me [3:49]
  3. Inside Out [3:38]
  4. I Wanna Go [3:30]
  5. How I Roll [3:36]
  6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Feat. Sabi) [3:36]
  7. Seal It With A Kiss [3:26]
  8. Big Fat Bass (Feat. Will.I.Am) [4:44]
  9. Trouble For Me [3:19]
  10. Trip To Your Heart [3:33]
  11. Gasoline [3:08]
  12. Criminal [3:45]
  13. Up N’ Down [3:42]
  14. He About To Lose Me [3:48]
  15. Selfish [3:43]
  16. Don’t Keep Me Waiting [3:21]

UPDATE: Having heard a snippet Britney posted on her Twitter of I WANNA GO, it sounds awesome... the autotune is so intense it just grabs you... I'm quite excited for the rest of the tracks as I'm sure they'll be catchy as hell. Damn you Britney!

UPDATE: "Till the World Ends" sound like a great song title and is written by Ke$ha. Also quite interested in "gasoline" and "crinimal" based on the names. 

UPDATE: Britney released the "Criminal" snippet and it sounds HOT. Reminds me of "Man Down" on Rihanna's album LOUD. This is set to be my favourite track!

UPDATE: "Till the World Ends" has leaked and it is so catchy. So addictive, I'm Infected.

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