Thursday, 24 February 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 1 Recap

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL IS BACK!! Cycle 16 sees 14 more girls try to win the competition to be the next top model. Like cycle 15, the winner will receive a spread in Vogue Italia and "Beauty in Vogue" along with a $100,000 modelling contract... so what's the twist in cycle 16?

Firstly, for casting, Tyra decides to let the 14 girls she's chosen THINK they've been eliminated to "toughen them up". Gathering them in a small room with their luggage, Tyra says "goodbye" before revealing the top model house behind a backdrop! Girls go into hysteria and pretty much all of them break down :P I thought they'd drag this out a bit more but... they probably only did this to cut down the audition episode.

Realising there are two beds short (only twelve) the girls freak out that there will be a double elimination. Tyra mail sends them to their first challenge/runway show/photoshoot where they meet Erin Wasson and will be wearing some of her jewellery. They will do a backstage photoshoot before going on the runway... with a twist- walking on a [12 inch wide?] plank on water inside a plastic bubble (like a zorb)!!

Molly and Britanni did a good job as they walked quite quickly and it was more of a fluid walk whilst the other girls took their time and was very clumsy... I guess that is why only two girls fell (Ondrei and Dominique), splashing and flailing about in the water was hilarious! All the girls got a piece of Erin Wasson jewellery so it wasn't really a challenge though Britanni would've won.

At panel, the girls' backstage photoshoot was discussed... The overall shoot wasn't at all inspiring and I don't think this episode on the whole really allowed the girls to show their true potential as the runway was rather fictitious and the shoot far too candid. 

Anyway, I liked Alexandria, Jaclyn, Molly's photos, the others weren't doing enough to love or hate- they were just THERE so many were just "pretty girl" photos but not really expressing anything... For some images, I did like Russel Jame's artistic direction and creativity, but the judges didn't seem to get it...

So... first girl called is... 

Molly, followed by Britanny and Alexandria. In the bottom two are Angelia and Dominique, both of which I don't really care for... so in the end, Dominique is saved as she had personality during runway.

It is hard to pick three favourites first off this episode but some stood out. Firstly there's Jaclyn who is just so bubbly and sweet I think she'll be my favourite for the cycle- she has great potential, let's just hope it is realised before she gets eliminated! I also quite like Hannah as she reminds me of Analeigh from Cycle 11.

Favourite three:
1. Jaclyn
2. Hannah
3. Brittani/Ondrei

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