Thursday, 10 February 2011

Addicted to... Monopoly Deal Card Game

Whilst I despise games franchises from altering game play and diversifying for profit, Monopoly's card version "Monopoly Deal" actually provides some original and sneaky fun.

The aim of the game is to collect any three complete property sets. Players take turns, first by drawing two cards, then has a limit of three actions per turn. Actions consist of placing properties down, playing an action card or "putting money in the bank". The maximum number of cards in a player's hand must not exceed 7. Extra cards must be discarded at the end of the turn.

As there is a turn limit, you can only win if you complete three sets within your turn limit. This forces you to plan out strategically what, when and how you are going to play. 

This isn't going to be easy, as there are additional action cards which people can play to stop you. For example, "Deal breaker" allows a player to steal a complete set from another, whilst "It's my Birthday" requests players to pay you. In this way, players have to be cautious as to what they put down as once they have done so, it is opportune for others to steal.

Having played this numerous times with a variety of people, there are so many different ways to play and win. You could be sneaky and just steal the sets to win, or play it safe by playing down properties slowly and surely. Whichever way you play, you are guranteed to have hours of fun (with expert players that is). 

Whilst nothing truly beats the original Monopoly game, this card version is far less formulaic. Hell, I used to play Monopoly on my own- rolling dice and acting as appropriate doesn't give people much freedom, but this is 100% in your control. The only "chance" element comes from drawing cards.

For a quick, fun game with Monopoly elements, Monopoly Deal offers an enjoyable alternative. It is quick to learn but difficult to master. Definitely one good time killer.


  1. Good old Monopoly - still a classic - hiya yabbadabbadoo here from dooyoo!

  2. Sneaky like a certain someobe we know ;)

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  4. You can play with real money also, or an alternative is to play with no money at all. This has been known as A$$hole monopoly because u have to pay in properties


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