Tuesday, 4 January 2011

You Again Film Review

I decided to watch this because I like Kristen Bell and she is a great comedic actress- the plot sounded a bit off but nonetheless I went for it. 

Marni (Kristen Bell) who has suffered being bullied in high school returns to her hometown to attend her brother's wedding, only to find that his fiancee Joanna (Odette Yustman) is the girl who made her life hell. When Joanna claims never to have met her and appears to be nice to her, all is too good to be true and Marni is determined to reveal Joanna's true colours and prevent her brother from making the biggest mistake of his life.

As Joanna's parents unfortunately died, her closest relative is her Aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver). Upon meeting the in laws (Jamie Lee Curtis and Victor Garber), Ramona realises Gail (Curtis) was her nemesis from high school. How will this game between two generations of high school drama sort itself out days before the wedding?

The premise of the plot is quite typical and the story unfolds in a predictable way. However, having the rivalry diffuse between two generations does make the story less linear and allows for greater character development. The focus is still very much on Marni.

The humour starts straight away as Marni recalls life in high school (braces and bangs! Really? Ugly Betty much?) during a PR speech. Every opportunity it gets, the film tries to throw humour at you- funny scenes include the "dance-off" and "plate throwing", with the constant competition between Gail and Ramona a delight. I did manage to laugh out loud a couple of times!

Themes and humour though are pretty typical and follows a typical formula. Whilst I didn't like that Marni turned into an almost equivalently evil person to Joanna, I felt she still had the vulnerability that gave her the upper hand and saw her through as the better person. Of course, after all the bickering and the fighting and the competition, there had to be some sort of resolve.

I thought the ending was definitely forced and cliched, I would've liked it to perhaps be darker, or to have a comedic twist, though this happy fairytale ending was to be expected.

Kristen Bell- Marni
Jamie Lee Curtis- Gail
Sigourney Weaver- Ramona
Odette Yustman- Joanna

Also stars Betty White, Kristen Chenoweth, James Wolk, Sean Wing and Victor Garber.

Kristen Bell is believable and likeable as Marni, but the shining stars are Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis. Sigourney Weaver has every ounce of flair and her presence sparks competition between her and Jamie Lee Curtis' character, with Curtis' subtle facial responses revealing so much spite it hurts.

Pleasantly surprised to see Kristen Chenoweth play yet another spunky role, but glad she got to show off her dancing and somewhat Broadway glam skills.

The film on the whole was enjoyable despite the corny and predictable plot. I did laugh several times to that's a good thing, though they were cheap laughs. Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis do a fantastic job but Kristen Bell is also to be praised for perhaps suffering the most torment. For a mindless bit of comedy, this could be for you.

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