Thursday, 13 January 2011

Taylor Swift Back to December Official Music Video

Taylor Swift has released the video to her second single "Back to December" from album "Speak Now" (Read my review here) after topping the billboard charts once again, not coincidentally on Jan 13th (13 is her favourite number). The song is supposedly about her break-up with Taylor Lautner and is her apology to him.

The video features Swift looking phenomenal with her new hair and more grown up- a very simple and subdued video but she manages to show emotion and genuine sorrow. Whilst some may cast this as a boring video, the ending reveals the time lapse difference between Swift and the mysterious guy so I guess in this sense adds another level to it. I doubt that the video resembles much of reality of what happened between Swift and Lautner, but Swift definitely manages to relate her song to this video~ I like!

Watch the official music video below:

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